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Quest Changes to XP/Items/Gold

by NiteHawk on Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:47 am
Most quests in the mid to high range got a good XP boost, items at the end of chains, some generalization to gold, etc. If you have any issues please report it to the forums. This should make quests a little more interesting and worth it to run. I will be adding a 'level' display to the quest window so you can see if the quest is worth to run as well, as I highly assume that some people run quests that are well past their current level which would yield a lot less XP.

We are also working on some cool scripted quests, so stay tuned!

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Dev Blog: Auction Window (35% complete)

by NiteHawk on Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:00 pm
Hey guys!

I just wanted to bring everyone up to date on how the auction window will work. I only have a portion working on it right now, but I decided not only to have buyout features, but also actual bidding features. This means you'll be able to tango against others for a bid. You can use one or both features at the same time as well.

You'll get 15 items per page. You can see that you can filter out alot of items using the left hand drop down or text boxes which makes it pretty easy to find what you are looking for. I am also aiming to allow sorting hopefully via values, time left, etc. More filters may come in the future but this is a good starter. When you select an item, you'll get a description of the item and some information about the auction, which will appear below the listing and come up when you double click an item.

If bidding is enabled, if there is 30 seconds or less left and someone bids, another 30 seconds will automatically get added to the timer to prevent last snipe bidding and also to encourage people to fight for items they really want. Can can bid higher than the current value, and it will only up to the competitors bid I.E:
-The auction starts at 2000 gold and buyout is 5000 gold. I bid 3000 gold, but the auction will still be marked at 2000 gold, and that I have bid.
-Kawasaki bids 2500 gold, which is still lower then my original 3000 gold bid, the auction price gets raised to 2500 gold and I still have the highest bid.
-Lavelia bids 3500 gold. The auction will be marked to 3001 gold, and Lavelia will hold the maximum bid. I will get a telegram that I was outbid!
-In a huff I buyout the item for 5000 gold and take the item.

So it will occur something like that. Again buyout or bidding isn't required, but regardless there is always a time limit. I am thinking 1 day to 2 weeks will be okay for a auction time, selectable by the player. The fee will be something like 2% or 5% for using the service which is paid when the auction is complete. (occurs as a tax deduction to the final gold you earn.)

There is also a good chance that the auction system will start in one specific area, most likely Seamoor. We'll take it from there as it goes, but the aim is to make Seamoor a trade hub as it is the first stop for newbies, so it being the most popular would be a good thing too. It will be linked to the bank in that city, so that when money needs to be taken or given back, it is done automatically with little hassles. Item rewarding will most likely be done through telegrams or something similar to ensure that if a player is offline they get what they won.

There are some missing things here too, such as being able to view your own auctions but I have a good idea to handle that. Overall it is progressing OK but there is still a good amount left to do. I will hopefully have a time estimate soon though.

Hope this looks alright to everyone!

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Dev Blog: Todo & Trade Windows Coming Soon...

by NiteHawk on Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:11 pm
Hey guys!

I've decided that when I do some of the larger updates to the game, I will post them on the main website for everyone to gawk at. I think it will be good for the community to see what I am working on and if there are any questions or problems people can post about it ahead of time.

For the next bigger release, I am aiming to attempt to release three or four things:
-Trade Window
-Auction Hall (w/ filters)
-Being able to add images without having to update client EXE.
-MR balances.

Theres a lot of work here and it is an ongoing process. At this time however I am working on trade windows, which is close to complete. So let's talk about trade windows!

To trade, both parties must /trade with each other for the window to open up. You can then add gold and drag and drop up to 6 items. When both parties are satisfied, you can accept the offer, if you don't like the offer, you can reject. Commands also work too, such as /tadd, /tremove, /tgold, etc, but you can ultimately use the interface for handling everything.

What is great is you can also examine the items that the player has tossed up. You can even toss up items for viewing that cannot be traded due to soulbounding as well, just to show someone an item for gloating purposes. This ensures you get what you actually asked for. On top of this, any modifications to the gold or items will auto 'unaccept' the items and you'll both have to click Accept again, as a security measure (I.E. A adds in 10000 gold, B adds item. B accepts trade, but just before A accepts trade, he sets gold to 0 and then clicks accept. So we must prevent that!)

Trading may only occur in trade halls. I will most likely start with one trade hall and scale it from there depending on how it goes. Trade halls will also be where the auction system will go as well. So one room that handles both tasks. Should be a nice addition overall!

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Ranger Event - Balances, Boosts, and Mosh!

by NiteHawk on Wed May 24, 2017 10:44 am
Hello guys!

As soon as the server comes up, the Ranger event will be on! This means for two weeks you will have 15% more experience, and 7.5% more gold while leveling or using a Ranger! The event will start today, May 24th to June 7th! The experience and gold boosters are 24 hour boosters that can be viewed using /boost and will be reapplied each day. (It will not overwrite any higher boosters you may have, and it cannot stack!). We generally want feedback during this, any issues you might encounter and any ideas you might have.

After the boosting event is done, we will have a mosh, Rangers only. I will have more details on this in the near future but expect unique items to be given out that are Ranger specific. Awesome!

There have been some heavy changes to Rangers, which I will post a more detailed log soon. Please hold off posting about it until I give out the details, unless there are bugs.


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by NiteHawk on Wed May 24, 2017 8:24 am
There have been many changes this update!

-Sword of Sorrows is now functional and will be released soon.
-Crimson scales added and the Dragon should be reappearing soon.
-PP items bought from a store now have a chance of having the 'humming' effect. Previously bought PP items will not be adjusted, sorry. When you buy the item it will have the same chance as if it was dropped by a NPC. It will give a message if the item is humming on buy.
-Humming item drops are now at 10% instead of 5% for default. However, the 'highest rarity values' are still hard to get:
--Current Example on Weapons: Default 5% chance for a humming item; Roll 1-10 dice. 20%: 1min/1max, 40%: 0min/1max, 40%: 1min/0max.
--New Example on Weapons: Default 10% chance for a humming item; Roll 1-20 dice. 18-20: 15%, 12-17: 30%, 1-11: 55%... (Remember 15% is 2x due to double drop rate for example!)
-All NPCs have higher ember drop values. We have catagorized all monsters into 4 categories for ember drops:
--Normal: All NPCs have had their ember drop values double. Level 25 mobs have slightly higher rates then Level 22-24 now as well. (Level 22-24 is 2.0x chance from before, and 25 would be around 2.5x).
--Rare: Hourly mobs, mobs that have high spawn timers, will have higher then normal drop rates to compenstate for their hourly timers.
--Key Bosses: Any boss in an OAD that is not the final boss. The chances of dropping embers is alot higher.
--OaD Bosses: Will normally always drop lowbie embers, and have a decent rate at dropping 3% embers as well. 4% embers now drop from them at a moderately low rate (around 1.5%-2%) but it's very possible.
-All OAD bosses should always drop at least one level 25 BLUE gear. We have decided that in orders for OADs to be useful, we want blue rarity items to be the normal on one a day monsters. Generally you will see green rarity items on normal and hourly monsters (still drops on boss monsters too at a higher rate.), minimum one blue item, and about a 1/7 chance to drop a purple item. Most should be set like this already.
-Lower level (8-20) mini-bosses/rare monsters have had their 'rare item' drops increased as well to promote usefulness of lower level 'rare items' while leveling.
-Obscuration Potion added. This does not make you invisible, however, it prevents you from being tracked for 15 seconds.

...Click here to read the full development log!

...Click here to read some update specifics!