Re-allocation System Changes

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Re-allocation System Changes

Postby NiteHawk » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:05 am

The system is getting revamped slightly and is generally not based on level. Things to note now:

1. Forced allocation, having a free allocation point, or being under or equal to level 8 doesn't remove XP
2. After level 8, you will be subject to XP loss at TimesReallocated * 10%, up to a maximum of 25%. Your first reallocation at any level is free.

So if you reallocate once, it's free. If you reallocate a second time, it's 10%, a third time is 20%, and a fourth time and up is 25%.

This will give you guys a chance to reallocate again for free once. Sometimes I may reset this on everyone depending on the amount of changes that happen IG to give everyone a chance to reallocate again, specially after a forced reallocation.

Why did I change this? Well there is no easy way to do allocation based on level. If the level is too high, then people just keep allocating until they get good HP and MP rolls if they have high charisma. If it is too low, it's generally a pain for newer players if they make a bad character and are already a higher level. It gives everyone a chance to at least reallocate once without fear of XP loss.

Remember you don't need to move to Seamoor anymore, it moves and temples you now. You do need to remove gear unless it is a forced reallocation though.

P.S. It is already changed as of

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