Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

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Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby NiteHawk » Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:57 pm

Let's discuss this again as I want to add it. Part of the reason for armor balancing will be because of this.

First off, I think to make the game unique all items can be effected by this. However only certain items will have maximum variation on prefix/suffix. Things like boots/gloves that are coming in shouldn't be any more then a small amount of HP/Mana, etc rather then anything fancy.


Second off, the ways to get prefix/suffix. Many different ways:
1. Random on drops, like humming.
2. Using the new disenchant system, you'll be able to 'reroll' your prefix/suffix on items or add new ones. Though the better the gear, the more better disenchant items you'll need. It's very simplistic disenchant system though (I.E. Purple Dust 100% disenchant chance = Level 25 Purple item disenchant)
3. Like 2., but maybe you get to pick your prefix/suffix at a very very high cost. I don't like this idea so much as it makes trading far less 'interesting'.

Right now I am in favor of 1. and 2. for how to obtain them. The disenchant system will prob be in AFTER the update too, fairly soon.


Next, complexity. This doesn't mean it needs to be complicated.

There are many things prefix or suffixes can do, and we need to figure out first what kinda system we want, how many prefix/suffixes can be added, and all the prefix/suffix names. Once we hash something out we should make a nice little google sheet and start writing ideas.

First off what will prefix vs suffix entail. I assume they SHOULD be different. I think maybe prefixes will be more simplistic and you can have multiple, then only ONE suffix that is greater. A prefix could be a HP boost, MP boost, etc. A suffix could be a small stat boost (0.1 for example, it would add up with gear.) or maybe a DIVINITY % boost (though maybe div boosts should be a smaller prefix boost instead, this is up for discussion.)

I think though we should defo have scales. I.E. if the max HP boost is 20HP per gear, then it could range from 1-20HP. You could even have NEGATIVES. For example, if you get a HP prefix, it could range from -20 to 20 instead of 1-20HP. I don't think it's really needed though I am bringing it up.


For the item name, I assume it would change depending maybe on what is on it and what prefix/suffixes are on a item. For example on a weapon and if divinity is a prefix and agi is a suffix, it could be like 'Fiery Iron Dagger of Agility'. If a divinity is a suffix (aka the main booster) Could be Iron Dagger of Fire, etc. I don't think all prefixes should be added, maybe only the BIGGEST one unless we can make names to 'mix' some, (or some prefix give 'sets of bonuses' rather then one bonus'. I.E. 'life' could be both HP and MP. etc)

Anyways, let's discuss moar.

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Re: Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby S0mveraa » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:17 pm

That sounds amazing, I'm wondering how it'd work for neutral chars, will there be a damage bonus pre/suffix that would effect them too?

I like number one btw, random is the way to go.

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Re: Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby Terron » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:36 pm

i think it should be random on drops up to X modifiers, then 1 major prefix and suffix added via enchanting, then up to 3 more minor modifications available with the corresponding humming level and enchant level with some randomness.

example: i kill a cultist recruiter. it drops a soft hum 4 mod item.

Tainted Cap (0/2):

Base Item: Tainted Cap
mod 1
mod 2
mod 3
mod 4
this item has an open prefix slot available:
this item has an open suffix slot available:
this item has 2 open generic sockets available:

When the item is completely outfitted it would have the name Prefix Tainted Cap of Suffix (2/2) .

basically its a variation of everything matters and its a good way a person could actually find and build up lower tier items to be very good even without them having the "highest ac".

with a bit of luck on those enchants and the random modifiers it could be worth the drop in ac. this also allows players to build equips and do some stuff solo.
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Re: Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby Terron » Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:38 pm

in rebuttal to adding div damage to items: i dont think this is needed

i think a better idea is to boost max embers to 10% and give us long term crafting and build up options to upgrade them from 1 to 8%. nines and tens would be event, high oad, mystery auction type stuff.

maybe even slightly less powerful multiple div embers(think a special enchanted item or unique "focus" item to convert energy.)

example you convert an 8% ember to a dual 4% (converting will always round down 7% would become a dual 3) could be completely random, or even focused by placing 2 smaller 2% embers in with the craft. example: 8% ember is converted into a 4% water 4% fire ember by placing a 2% fire and 2%water ember in the craft formula.

over and out.
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this game is like sim ant
zerg the red ants with more black ants

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Re: Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby Miach » Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:45 pm

Im in favor of any of these ideas. I like adding variety to the game.

I would want some way to put something on my existing items while sifting through drops for new enchantments.

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Re: Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby Kruell » Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:52 pm

I like a combination of 1 and 2. Make random drops but give people a way to "roll the dice" to get something they prefer. I think this would promote people keeping unusual combinations and open up trading/collecting.

I would probably hold off on double prefix at first but that really depends on how you want to game to develop. If you hold that back for later it can be rolled out as an expansion update without overriding whatever people have built up at that point.

Diablo 2 had a pretty good system of this and many other games including WoW use it. There are dozens of examples and templates that can be used to build a system here. Balancing fun, challenge, and power will be the hard part. Some "key" combinations could rename the weapon/armor into something completely new (build up Lore).

Some of these other suggestions and ideas are good too. It is possible to use different methods introduced over time. We could even have item "sockets" where embers and other special items can be stacked. (Think FF7)

I'm trying to think of things that can be done over time and compounded so there are development updates that drive the future of the game instead of allowing it to plateau or stagnate.
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Re: Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby Wripper » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:06 am

we could add sockets to items too and allow us to put embers in, so say I put a night ember in my weapon that could add "night damage" to my weapon may have it do a tick like crimson weapons?

but I like the idea of random boss drops having prefixes and just giving the ability to "change" a prefix/suffix item with enchanting not adding

my 2 cents

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Re: Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby Rodeo » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:17 am

Love all these ideas . Could stop exping and work on character progression

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Re: Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby Inverno » Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:06 am

Pretty good. Remember my Diablo days lol.

Go for options 1 and 2.

Dunno if adding brute stats (str, agi,end,wis,int,chr) can unbalance the game.

What about a new class with disenchant skill? A skill that need to be trained over time to get better afixes/suffixes? Can be a new role in Ember economy.
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Re: Prefix/Suffix. How to do it (MK II)

Postby Ohko » Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:56 pm

I think having 1 prefix/suffix to start off with will be simpler. We can always in the future increase the prefix to 2. I also like idea #1 and #2, not so much #3. For some mods, you can have some that boost say +25MP but have a -15HP and some just a +10MP. They can be both "common" modes, but rarer mods will not have the negative effect.

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