Experience Loss (part 2.)

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Experience Loss (part 2.)

Postby NiteHawk » Tue Feb 26, 2019 3:00 am

It seems like most of you are in favor of some sort of loss in game/more risk. That is OK. I understand not everyone is 100% on this, but we'll try to make it fair for everyone.

The idea (currently) is that if you die on a under 25'er, you lose XP, however ONLY until a certain point. For example, if you leveled 200 million experience, your minimum XP cap is at 198 million (1% for example). It is based on your total XP, not the level XP. (I.E. if you had 250million expeiernce, your minimum XP cap is 247.5million) This should prevent heavy XP losses but still prevent XP loss to a point.

Overall I think it's probably the best way to do this right now. The actual % can be changed, but I don't think we need to go too far down really. I'm not really interested in hearing 'SCREW PLAYERS THEY SHOULD SUFFER ENDLESSLY' as that won't bring in players :popcorn:


The debate is still up for 25ers however. It does seem like most of you want a punishment for 25ers. The question is 'how'. I am limiting this to XP loss though. People came up with some ideas but alot of them seem to be 'anti-playing'. For example, locking up someone if they killed under 25ers for several minutes or even an hour. It's kind of a 'I DONT WANT YOU TO PLAY MY GAME FOR XXX MINUTES GO READ A BOOK' and it's probably going to have a bad effect to the game. It's also more simplistic and easier to understand if it just involves XP loss too.

There are two ways I think that are best going about it. One is simply have XP loss for everyone, the other is the notoriety system. I will explain both:

XP Loss for everyone: Same as above. If you die in any case, you lose XP until a certain point.

Notoriety System: For every under 25'er you kill, you will gain notoriety. If you die with notoriety, you will lose increasing XP based on the notoriety amount you had on death & notoriety will reset to 0... There can be other ways of reducing it a couple points at a time, such as time/per reset etc. This will not effect general 25er vs 25er fights (unless you been pking before hand).


There was also talks of being able to buffer XP a few million. So you could die once or twice without stat penalties which might be OK. Same for buyback experience, which would be costly. I've put it down in the survey, vote here:


I am not looking for any more comments on the boards for this now. Most have said what they think and if you have an idea the survey has a few 'OTHER" sections to input it in. Thanks!

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