Class Ideas: Death/Blood Knight and Duelist

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Class Ideas: Death/Blood Knight and Duelist

Postby Hollow » Mon May 20, 2019 4:43 am

Class Idea: Death Knight
Fighter->Blood Warrior->Death Knight

Under 25: Blood Warrior/Knight
25+: Death Knight
No Mana, uses HP to cast spells.

Armor: Heavy Plate
Weapon: Dual 1H, 2H Sword/Axe
Passive Abilities: Eternal Anguish - Gains AD based on AC, +1 to Hit Agi while dual wielding, 10% more damage dual wielding, Bloodlust - upon receiving damage that would kill Death Knight, the Death Knight will have a chance to reject his fate and based on his endurance keep from dying for up to 5 seconds. (Basically one round if you have high end), increased MR based on wis stat. Receives extra HP from CHR bonus (like 1 extra point than normal or something small)

Spells: Plate of Thorns - Costs 3% remaining HP to cast and increases your AC based on endurance and reflects 4% damage received back at attacker. The Death Knight can toggle between two stances Touch of Decay and Touch of Blood. Stances would function like bard/druid except drain HP at 2 HP per tick. Touch of Decay would put a rot like effect on all attacks and be based on END+INT, attack damage increases per successful attack/resets every round. Touch of Blood would drain HP and allow the death knight to replenish with every successful attack. Basically Decay is for DPS and Blood is for tanking.

Special Attack: /s (enemy) If dual wielding this attack will cost 2 stamina and deliver a blow slightly stronger than normal and will rend armor for 1-2% per hit, armor debuff disappears after 1-2 rounds. if holding a 2h, /s will cost 2 stamina and deliver a broad swing that will hit the enemy for usual damage but splash to 1-2 random targets in party, first target takes 100% of normal attack, 2nd target takes 50%, 3rd takes 25%.

Basically the point of this class would be a Tanky DPS that scales off AC and Endurance as opposed to only strength.

2nd Idea:
Rogue->Brawler->Master Duelist
Under 25: Brawler
25+: Master Duelist
Armor: Cloth/Light
Weapon: Fist Weapons
Mana: Yes

Passive Abilities: Magic Damage reduction, increased damage with fist weapons, 2% damage bonus and increased hitrate while fighting 1v1 and dueling, -6 Armor and increased damage to physical attacks.0

Active Abilities: Target Locked - use one stamina to lock in to a target which would deal increased damage to only that target, Duel - The master duelist is able to /duel which would turn off all healing and damage taken except for the duelist and the target he chooses (Duel length based on strength and charisma) This would turn off protect until the duel is over if the target is protected. Every 3rd attack the Duelist performs a Critical Blow which would deal 1.15 damage and afflict the enemy with a slow that lasts 1-2 turns.

Basically the point of this class is an assassin role meant to take out high profile targets in team fights and excel at fighting mages.

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