The minstrel

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The minstrel

Postby Terron » Wed Jun 05, 2019 10:26 pm

some love it, some hate it...however i think its lost its place in the game over the past few updates. now most of it is indirectly, but it has really taken a toll on the class. class was once my favorite, now im having trouble figuring out why i should even log the class on.

1) heal song lowered because of tick speed - ok makes sense. the places that is relevant:moshes/sals/ exping groups/mino/giant
a) its a mosh, noone uses heal song unless they have 2 bards.
b) sals - this one is huge, used to have to have 22 chr to cover the burn damage from salamander. now it cannot be covered even with 23.5 chr and a 400pp instrument. this means if a minstrel is taken to sals it is healing 90% of its stam because the song dont work that well. and if the song dont work might aswell just heal 100% and run power song instead.
c) exp groups dont really benefit from heal song, saves on pots, offers no exp or damage boosts.
d) heal song helps here but not enough and a minstrel is pretty much another 100% healer. priests have 4 stam 5th person is pretty much gulping pots the entire fight (usually brigand perks of hide and being skipped in macro tapping) another boss where its nearly pointless to run heal song as opposed to just healing and using power song.
e) essentially the only oad where minstrel runs heal song with results, however you are more or less at rng's whim with silence popping out of a giant as fast as it wants. u can literally be silenced the entire time and die, w/o casting a single spell.

2) weapons affecting heal power
a) seems neat then you delve deeper, champs weapons, pickaxe, lowbie weapons etc, your heals are shit on top of shit. even 25er weapons have trash heal power, some are even purple. purple weapons with low spread, like low tone divine saber,took a major blow to heal power.
b) maybe move minstrel heal power based on instruments?

3) lowering cure
a) minstrels priesting entire oads with 140 heals and 6-8 summons wasnt really good for the game. i get it. however the class cant even heal itself and attack at any group fight, any bit of training while leveling up etc.
b) relatively no reason to heal yourself if u have to be out of combat to see results where a food or temple heal is more efficient.
c) im certain oads were the culprit, but in all honesty why not just increase npc boss damage a bit so cure dont work. not to mention zombie spamming is gone, so the heals wouldnt suffice anyway.

4) party limit dropping to 5
a) its real hard to fit a minstrel in a small group. it just offers no dps to win a fight and not as safe as using a 2nd priest or a guard that prevents a weakness being exploited. you have to have atleast a couple dpsers to fight so where does that leave the minstrel? somewhere towards the bottom of account manager. while being the best 6th man just dont cut it now.

5) buff change and nerf
a) self explanatory

anyway, this class isnt used much anymore. right there with chanters. chanters used to be top magic dps now they arent, sidelined. minstrels just dont hack it either, sidelined. elders haste > buffs now and have the only real hide counter with faeriefire. well, atleast i have a bunch of holders.

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