The Journey Road Remapped.

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Re: The Journey Road Remapped.

Postby Lateralus » Sun May 22, 2016 7:57 pm

Honestly looks pretty good to me but i think Chris is saying maybe keep the forest part how it is but maybe make the road itself a few squares wider (west to east type thing).

That said it looks a lot better and I like the twists and turns as well as the dead-ends in there. Hopefully it gets filled with fun mobs with interesting and useful drops for low levels. I am all for random sell drops but useful things like weapons, armors and potions are always more interesting especially since this is going to be the first area a player sees. Equipping your player by drops is always more fun than buying from a shop. I understand you dont wanna just give them the best things but even standard store bought drop things are fun with a twist like a blessing on it or something fun like that. Not everything has to be oads either hourly drops that only have a 5% chance to drop puts the same amount of items into the economy but offers so much more in terms of play since it can be killed over and over type thing.

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