Discoveries at the Dig Site

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Discoveries at the Dig Site

Postby Lavelia » Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:25 pm

Disclaimer ====> This is a LORE-centric post, not a precursor to a new area <====

For three days the Archaeologist works to translate the text. The instant it is completed he rises and staggers to his cot and passes out while one of his attendants sets sand onto the parchment and ensures the ink is dry before removing it from the final page and carefully setting the paper in it’s proper place at the bottom of the fresh translation of the tome. She then ties a thin rope around it to secure it together, covers up the man now sleeping deeply upon the cot, and then walks out. Still the site is quiet, allowing the man inside the peace he needs to rest.

Eight hours later the Archaeologist wakes up. It is mid-afternoon now and though he is exhausted still, he is also exhilarated. Walking out of the building he stares at them all and smiles. Slowly. Then he states simply, “this tome is the find of the century!”

The camp erupts into cheers and he stares around, letting them cheer for a bit before holding up his hand, “much that we know is wrong. The translated texts must reach the Council Chambers of the Order of the Five Gods, and swiftly.” His eyes land upon his most trusted worker and he states, “you. Strothers. You shall take the tome and the translation of it to Alderra, swiftly. Use your fade spell the entire way, rest only when you must and always in a temple where theft is forbidden. Otherwise do not tarry and travel swiftly. Deliver it into the hands of the head of the Order only. Allow no other to touch it or look upon it. Go. Now.”

He watched as the man nods, walks in to retrieve his parcel and returns with a thick, well wrapped parcel. Then he shimmers for a mere second before vanishing from sight even as the Archaeologist stares around at the people waiting and states, “much that we know is wrong. I am certain we will find even more evidence as we continue working this site. Much will change, and soon. Our belief of the Gods and Goddesses were...mistaken and what is held within the tome is proof of this. I am certain that changes will come down quickly once it is in the proper hands.”

Turning, he stares out across the grasslands, “the secrets of our past stretch across these plains, my friends. And we will be the ones to discover even more of it! I believe we stand upon the brink of major discoveries that will reshape more than just our beliefs of the Gods and Goddesses, but of the very world itself. For now, though,” he claps his hands together and then states, “back to work! I am going to get some more sleep. If you find anything else of interest, wake me up. Otherwise...let me rest until morning.”

With that the dig site is once again bustling with activity and the soft noises that accompany digging in dirt with special tools for such things. He turns and enters the building, falls down onto the cot, and is asleep in mere moments, dreaming of future grand discoveries.

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