Strange building seen in the distance

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Strange building seen in the distance

Postby Styx » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:15 pm

Walking into the local tavern, an old grey bearded man sits silently in a chair, Joralyn approachs him asking, "Mind if i join you?" The man raises his head says, "Nay, join me and quench thy thirst." Joralyn motions the barkeep over, "Buy us a round of your good mead." After many pints of mead, the old man gazes with a serious look in his face, "Have you ever heard the story of Fort Ellison?" Joralyn shakes his head, "Nay, there is no such place." The old man smirks and says, "Let me spin you the real tale of Fort Ellison."

In the battles of warring factions over land, many forts fell, and very few survived against the dark elves, goblins, orcs, and surrounding wildlife. In a great battle, General Thias Shailin took the fort, and ordered the path hidden from the main road. Now long forgotten in myth, but still partially standing to this day. As he slowly falls asleep in his drunken stuper, a gold coin rolls out of his hand. Joralyn picks it up, and looks at a dragon crest engraved on a solid gold coin.

Joralyn gathers his party to explore the whereabouts of the fort. After a long journey he notices a boggy march, where many crops once grew, and a slight path leading to the north. Their boots sink in the mud, but slowly progress, and find an old drawbride.

As the stalwart party enters the courtyard of the fort, many ransacked shops are seen with only light resistance from the gnolls who now reside within. After the long battle the group gathers at the well to quench their thirst, the thief notices a shiny object down deep in the well. Quickly they peer down into the well, but find no viable means to enter. Joralyn, whom examined the rooms properly, remembers the cellar doors, and quickly they assemble and go onward to explore underneath the town.

OOC: The rest to be discovered. Enjoy :)

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