Killed by Ancient potion 4 times Topic is solved

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Killed by Ancient potion 4 times

Postby alvarlux » Sat Jun 10, 2017 5:19 pm

Account Name: Alvarlux
Character Name: Alvarlux
Please Choose a Request Type: I need help with a character.

I found an 'Ancient Potion' on the ground (looked like a drop from a dead player, or maybe a mob?) and I decided to try drinking it. this was near the Archaeologist quest mob.

Drinking the potion killed me - which was surprising but the description warned me that it might, so fair enough.

then while I was in my temple, I was killed 3 more times (4 total deaths) based on i assume poison from the potion?

This doesn't seem right... I missed the most of the log because it happened too fast but i got the last death and the server time, so you can look in the logs?

You feel sick... (Lasts 30 seconds.)
You were killed!
>>> Alvarlux was killed! <<<
You dropped: citrine potion.
<Temple of Dunsel> A scent drifts on the breeze from burning incense on the altar that smells faintly of jasmine, and reverent music that is sung by a small choir fills the air. The door to the temple exits out onto the street to the east. A a rope, a sapphire potion (5), a raider's chains, a fur patch, a citrine potion (2), and a secret document are lying on the ground.
You wake up feeling disoriented.
You lose 799101 experience!
>>> Actaeon <<<: what happened there?
You picked up a rope.
You picked up 5 sapphire potion(s).
You picked up a raider's chains.
You picked up 1 fur patch(s).
You picked up 2 citrine potion(s).
You picked up 1 secret document(s).
>>> Alejandro <<<: Is it a gm?
>>> Alvarlux <<<: i drank some ancient potion i found
Your sickness goes away.
>>> Zep <<<: LOLOL
>>> Pally <<<: rofl
>>> Actaeon <<<: and it killed you 4 times? thats not right
>>> Alejandro <<<: Hell of a potion
>>> Baby_Doll joined the game <<<
>>> Baby_Doll left the game <<<
>>> Alvarlux <<<: ya... how do i file that bug?
>>> Alvarlux <<<: cost me so much exp ... :(
>>> Alejandro <<<: Was just going to say
>>> Alejandro <<<: But didn't want to focus on the negative
Server Time: Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 5:14:05 PM

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Re: Killed by Ancient potion 4 times  Topic is solved

Postby NiteHawk » Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:26 pm

Tossed you XP for the issues, will fix the potion but for now I have removed the ticks loss.

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