Telegrams are robbing me!

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Telegrams are robbing me!

Postby Smashur » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:28 pm

Character Name: Alidius
Please Choose a Request Type: I am having technical issues.

So I logged on today and saw that my brother DirtyMike had finally (yes, he really did!) hit Slayer. I wanted to send him a telegram congratulating him. I walked over to Bartender Carlo's place and asked for a cold brew. He slid me one and I told him I'd like to send a telegram to my brother. He scoffed at me and said it'll cost more than the free drink he'd given me! Slammed his fist on the table and said, 10 gold!
[12:08] To send a telegram you require 10 gold!

I quickly ran out of the tavern to head to my bank.
[12:08] The bartender yells out in a piercing voice..." Thanks for coming!"

I walked into the bank seeing Arianda, that poor other bank teller got fired, and asked politely for 10 gold. She looked at me quizzically for my light withdrawal and handed me 10 gold.
[12:08] Withdrew gold from vault: 10.

I headed back to Carlo's place with a scrawled piece of paper containing my note for my brother. I handed it to Carlo along with my 10 gold and said, telegram please! He laughed an evil and maniacal laugh. Somehow, he managed to turn my 10 gold into 20 and took 10 gold from my non-existent gold!
[12:09] Telegram sent to DirtyMike! 20 gold deducted!

So now I'm sitting at -10 gold.

I don't know how to display a screenshot without posting it on a website or something, which I don't have access to (I stay off social media). I tried to shift click deposit for the bank but it said: [12:19] Cannot find -10 to deposit into vault!

I ran out to where the clan was exping and asked them to kill me.
[12:22] Guldan has killed you!
[12:22] You wake up feeling disoriented.
[12:22] You lose 934629 experience!
[12:22] You lose -10 gold!

I don't know if he ever gained (or lost) the gold or not cause I wasn't really met with replies.

My gold, however, went back to 0.

I headed back to the tavern to send another telegram and same thing, I walked in with 10 gold, walked out with -20. I withdrew 10 gold from my bank afterwards, and ended up with 0 and unable to deposit any gold after my withdrawal.

Cheers. :geek:

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Re: Telegrams are robbing me!  Topic is solved

Postby NiteHawk » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:12 pm

It is already fixed, it actually takes 20 gold to send a telegram now but it doesn't check properly. Sorry about that :P It's fixed next update though already (someone pm'd me it.)

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