Strange death at Ancient Giant Topic is solved

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Strange death at Ancient Giant

Postby Kruell » Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:01 am

Character Name: Corin
Please Choose a Request Type: I have a general question.

While fighting the Ancient Giant, my party suddenly got poisoned. Neither him nor the Dead Spirits with him have a posion attack. I died to the poison.. and then died 10 more times in the temple (I filled the obits so not sure if that was all). My Shailin's Longbow became unsb and dropped. I kept picking it up and dying until I logged off and back on. Luckilly I didn't lose anything as it was all still lying in the temple. I was not poisoned before going into the fight as I would have noticed since we were standing at the entrance before going in. I checked my gear after the sb bug was discovered and haven't switched my gear around except to refill my arrows and upgrade armor. This isn't the first time that this character has had perma-poison that only cleared on logout. The last time was due to hag's affliction and not even temple heal would cure. In the past it couldn't be remedied but this time there was no healer near to try. Only one other party member died in the fight and he didn't get perma-poison or have items drop.

I can't find a reason for the poison death or the perma poison. Not sure about the item becoming unsb or when but I use the brig a lot and I never had his bow drop before. His old armor was previously hit with the sb bug.

Date/Time 10/11/2018 1:31:16 AM - Corin died!
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Re: Strange death at Ancient Giant  Topic is solved

Postby NiteHawk » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:15 am

The item was unsb two months ago so wasn't the SB bug issue. Was most likely just forgot.

The bug probably had to do with multithreading issues, something that will be addressed in the future (involves a whole recode of the script system unfort).

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