Some ideas for pve events

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Some ideas for pve events

Postby Ivor » Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:46 pm

Its a narrow corridor of 6-10 squares where a team is locked in and gotta fight waves of monsters. Keep killing monsters till one of them drops a key to the next room. Monsters can either progress in difficulty as the team moves to next squares, or can change races (undead, beasts,plants etc). For a twist of competition, there can be 3 or 4 identical corridors with 3 or 4 teams contesting at the same time.
Awards for the quickest team, or the one who killed the most monsters, or the one who survives? can go either way.
A quick thought about this: It would be insteresting if this can be coded as an automated event and be embeded into the game's map.
People apply to a bot npc who keeps record, gives access to the applied team, then another bot counts down and open the doors for the event to start. Im not sure if its possible or how hard it is, but if it can be done, then we can have a whole area full of mini games and events like this when someone individual, or clans may participate and win something small or bigger according with the events difficulty. Archery competition, races, fishing! etc

Another idea, this one s for a weekly competition event: Individuals or clans, may choose 1 out of 2 sides, darkness or light / heaven or hell.
Once applied go fight monsters in some catacombs, caves -places designed especially for the event. Monsters there drop some ancient seals/coins/marks that when you turn them in to the certain npc, increase the score of your side and you get something back for your contribution.
Thas the contesting period. At the end of the contesting period, the accumulated seals/coins/marks are counted and give the win to one side. The competition continues for the next few days, to the "reward period" when the winning side has only access to the catacobs where special bosses can now appear, maybe special black market merchants with various goodies people can buy. Certain areas can be unlocked with gold or exp boosts etc you get the picture.
This idea comes from lineage2 event "7signs" which i thought it was so great when i was playing it so i thought why not customize it and put it to the game. So what do yall think

-If some of those ideas has mentioned before, i m sorry, havent read the forums for quite a while.
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Re: Some ideas for pve events

Postby Lateralus » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:17 pm

Yea those 2 ideas sound pretty good we are actually already working on versions of both! The first is being tackled by some new event staff and the second I and tonk are working on a revised version of. Once these get a bit further along we will look about incorporating a few of your tweaks into them depending on what others think about your ideas.

Thanks for posting.

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Re: Some ideas for pve events

Postby Snyper » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:06 pm

Yea i've been working on an arena built around having to progress through fighting mobs/bosses as a team and completing the event before the other team does. Even with a chance to cross paths with the opposing team if it somehow times out that way. You'd have to make the choice if fighting and possibly losing key team members is worth it or not. Because just because the other team doesnt make it, you still have to finish.
Nothing has been set in stone but the arena is being looked over and so are the mobs. Next would be to set it up and run tests of course.
But im really excited and hope it's a well recieved event and a change up from the usual pvp only events.
Will keep you updated.
Good ideas, btw.

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Re: Some ideas for pve events

Postby JadeFalcon » Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:50 am

Possibly a dumb point, but all squares should be non-pk? Or else you just end up with clan fights.
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