Guild Distinction

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Guild Distinction

Postby daedroth » Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:16 am

This one has been talked about before (nopk of clannies):

How about having clannies names show up in a distinctive colour in non event areas?

Further option, allowing a clan to choose a colour scheme (up to three colours?)
For example, say a clan wanted red white and blue, jack and his crew. First letter of a guildies name would be red, second white, third blue, fourth red etc.

You may not know the names of all the people you work with, but you would recognise their face. It would be the equivalent of a guild showing it badge/flag/emblem.
Less likely to attack a guildy (so many alts and new/old guildies gives me a head ache).

If you go with the second option, it could get quite garish :)
Disclaimer: Any ideas I come up with may not even meet my approval. I am just posting an idea based on the topic I have just read.
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