Random PVE auto events

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Random PVE auto events

Postby Inverno » Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:32 am

PVE auto-events ideias:

Suggestion 1:

In random times of the day, players receive a global message telling that monster Y (generally a common monster of the game) need to be killed (generally based on a lore item, like "kill the pirates to help the realms", "kill the bandits to low the criminality", etc..).

During this time frame, the monster can drop tokens, that can be used later to trade for prizes. Some even have a ranking of best "event killers". Something like current world walkers, but with a individual approach.

Suggestion 2:

A collector NPC that appears and ask for random items. His appearence is broadcasted. Giving him the itens, give tokens or prize. After X players turn the quest, the NPC disappear. Works like a race.


These events dont need staff to run and everyone can have fun.
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Re: Random PVE auto events

Postby Terron » Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:31 am

good suggestion. i like implements that give something to active players and promote logging in.

i think this could fit well with the current CM system. because, face it those wandering merchant type quests are either great or horrible depending whether youve farmed ahead or got lucky with shadow sword drop or something. they dont fit in with the kill quest dailies imo.

i think wandering merchants should pop up in seamoor world event area and ask for items throughout the day. there could even be easy medium and hard merchants in there. they spawn and ask for specific items from the monsters they say need to be killed.

could be cool if they awarded a "Chest" with each reward(on top of the gold and exp). the said chest would contain nothing, 1 2 or 3 champs mark(s), or 1 2 or 3 prestige points.
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Re: Random PVE auto events

Postby Styx » Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:12 pm

I'll make a good suggestion later tonight. Just got home from Dr appointment with a 200 mile trip

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