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Fighting Stances for Monks

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:19 pm
by Inverno
Playing some fighting games, i found something that should fit well in Monk class. "Fighting stances changes"!

In fighting games, "Fighting stance change" occurs when you use a command that change the character moveset, movement or atributes in middle of fight. If you play this genre, you will remember Gen and Zeku (from Street Fighter), Leo (Guilty Gear) and Jhun (The King of Fighters).
(This video is a good example. Just need to watch the few first minutes to check "Mantis stance" basic moves, then go to 5:00 to check "Crane stance" basic moves)


Ok so how it apply to a text game? If monks are our "martial fighters", it can work and alot of fun to the class.

Once monks gain the "Fighting stance change" skill (/fstance <instance number> or /fsc <instance number> for example), player can use it at anytime (should consume a single action or a full round to change, need test). So we can have some instance types, like:

[ALL values and names here can be adjusted.. they are only general ideas]

Stance 0: Neutral Instance
No changes

Stance 1 (The Tiger):
+2 agi
-1 Str
-25% AC

Stance 2 (The Dragon):
+2 STR
-2 AGI

Instance 3 (The Owl):
-1 STR
+2 WIS

Stance 4 (The Turtle):
-3 STR
-1 AGI
+50% AC
+3 WIS
-Loses extra attack

Stance 5 (The Chamaleon):
Double div bonuses and penalties

Stance 6 (The Crow)
-Each successful Flying Roundhouse Kick gives +1 AGI and/or +1 STR for a few rounds. (Stackable till +3)
-25% AC
-1 WIS

Stance 7 (The scorpion)
-Loses extra attack
-Loses FHK
-FHK replaced by less powerfull skill that gives DOT.


These are few examples. There lots of possibilities. We can even add a "mana bar" (like Cavs) that will be consumed like bards songs. When you are out of mana, your character go back to neutral instance.

To increase diversity, the Stances can be learned at guilds and each monk must choose like 2 or 3. Changing stance sets can cost gold/rare item drops.

Re: Fighting Stances for Monks

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:23 am
by JadeFalcon
I agree with all of this, but why limit to monks? We could have all classes with their own stances, giving bonuses and downsides?

I do see this conflicting with class specialisations, perhaps instead of a stance, you could have a specialisation that gave the same bonuses at lvl25?

Worth developing, imo!

Re: Fighting Stances for Monks

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:03 pm
by Kruell
I remember a suggestion like this for Cav before they got their special attacks. It isn't necessarily bad. I'd like to see it go into 25+ though as a specialized path instead of different stances. Even then, those bonuses would need to be tweaked because a few of them could be OP with the right builds.

Still, I rate this one as a 7/10 on the good suggestion scale.

Re: Fighting Stances for Monks

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:59 am
by NiteHawk
Yeah I really like this idea, it's a good one though will have to be looked at and balanced. :)