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Event Ideas

Postby daedroth » Thu Dec 27, 2018 4:25 am

Run the Gauntlet (sort off):
KtP squares (can only hold X amount of team A and X amount of Team B) need to kill enemy to progress.
Roaming monsters?
Time limit
One team defends other attacks (then maybe reverse - or both can try and progress at same time).
Need to get to exit square (or team with most kills/exits wins)

^Variation of the Above:
Each team has a small map to run through as quick as they can.
KtP squares with monsters instead of characters (or KtP monsters to kill).
First team through wins.
^^Variation of the variation:
As above, but you get points for monsters killed. Most points wins (still need to get to the end before time runs out - but you do not win if you are first out).
Could be one map for all but with a couple of different exits (PvP possibility option).
^^^Possible variations to the variations:
Maybe even one monster has the exit key and you need to find it? Or each monster has the chance of dropping an exit key.
Add an NPC follower to the mix who must survive to the end.

Capture the Flag:
Each team has a square with a "flag" flag can only be captured when opposite team is dead (or flag is an NPC who must be killed - and can be targeted right away)
No mans land has roaming monsters, monsters give points (or maybe just base it on the gold they drop (or is stolen?))
Points for enemies killed
Team that loses flag loses the game or team with most points/gold wins
Maybe a limit on the amount of peeps on the flag square
Random KtP monsters?
Time limit
Add one traitor to each team?

Zerg Attack:
Teams (or even solo)
Sit on a square, every X amount of ticks pass a monster/s appears
Points won for monsters killed
Time limit and/or until only one team/person left

*Anywhere where I mention monster points could be changed into something like the Crystal Smash event (as in they will drop crystals instead, or gold, or whatever).

Aight, gonna go sit in the corner and die from my man flu, slowly and painfully, RIP me, been a pleasure.
Disclaimer: Any ideas I come up with may not even meet my approval. I am just posting an idea based on the topic I have just read.
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