Staff Roulette

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Staff Roulette

Postby Elvis » Fri May 10, 2019 2:51 pm

Alrighty this is how this is going to work! I will warp you in, you DO NOT attack each other. I will then proceed to /randlist and person at the top of the list gets a wack from me if you survive it you continue playing and the process continues until a last player is standing.

If you bicker, hit each other to lower hp, or hit me you will be DQ'd
This is ment to be fun for everyone and to earn a little something. Lets just have fun.

5pp to the last person standing!

Disclaimer- Rules are subject to change at any time at staff discretion, a staff member may choose to random how he/she likes as long as it is with the command and not personal picks.
Elvis! The one and Only KING! P.S - Remember that!

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