Monday Mosh 8:30 Server time EVERY WEEK!

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Monday Mosh 8:30 Server time EVERY WEEK!

Postby Lateralus » Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:58 pm

Going to be switching up the Monday night event since there are not many thieves in the realms yet and since the clan situation has evened out a bit.

Monday Mosh will be an all out mosh with no rules.

The rules of no Rules:
-Any level allowed
-Any class/skills allowed
-Pots/mana/food/water allowed
-Parties are allowed

Other Notes:
There will be buffing and debuffing npcs.
There may be attacking npcs as time goes on.

If the mosh goes on longer than say 20-30 mins I will bcast for everyone to STOP and head to the blue flag room (most southern room). You will have 1 min to get there and be unhiddien and visible. Once everyone is there I will start the mosh up again. You may not leave that room again besides to rehide (no hiding north).

Prizes: (need atleast 10 people for this breakdown)
25pp for winner
15pp for second
10pp for third

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