Blind Battles

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Blind Battles

Postby Lateralus » Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:32 pm


You will be warped into the event and from there 2 captains that volunteer will be picked.

Those captains will snake draft select teams.

Once split into the two teams you will get 2 mins to assess your team and your captain will pick a 1-3 players to fight against the other team. (the other team will send the same numbers).

Whoever survives will stay on their team but is not healed up however your team can heal you up the next round.

Team 2 will have its turn and pick who and how many they want to battle and then it will go back to team 1.

If you move around at any time after I warp you in / teams are pickedyou are DQ'd. Dont move around at all unless i say so!
You may heal, buff up your team how you see fit before their battle but will not be able to refill your magic bar
During the battle you may use any tactics you want but NO moving off the square
The battle will start when the second team moves on to the square. (so be ready!!!!!)
You will have 1 min between battles to choose your next players going into battle otherwise ill just take the top of the list
A player cannot battle two rounds in a row.
Pots, mana, food, water, meditate are NOT allowed
Bards are not allowed to party outside of battle to heal up mana and health.

Winning team will get 7-10pp per member
Winning Captain will get +2-5pp as a bonus (incentive to pick a great team)

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