Kill Shot Mosh

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Kill Shot Mosh

Postby Lateralus » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:36 pm

This is just like a regular mosh but only kill shots are awarded pp and not the last man standing. This is a very quick event in most cases and best ran when guild numbers are somewhat even (so players dont just team up against lower number guilds). This event also allows a a larger amount of people to get PP which is a nice change up from 1st 2nd 3rd standard format.

Rules are simple:
All classes skills levels
no pots mana
3pp per kill shot
usually ran in 1 square arena 717
usually add some buffing npcs to even further quickness of mosh and less slayer hiding (slayers that hide prob are not getting many kill shots so not much point anyways)

Note: if announced ahead of time you can ban classes allow pots and mana or even hold in a different arena to switch up the event.

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