Boss Raid

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Boss Raid

Postby Lateralus » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:26 pm

This is a new type of event I plan on trying out so it might need some tweaking but overall its pretty simple.

The point of the battle is to deal the most amount of damage to a boss in 3-5mins. (this will be randomized at the start of the night)

You will be in a no pot/mana pot room so youll want to build your team with that in mind.

Teams will be 2-4 members depending on what I call for and you will have 3-5mins to deal the most amount of damage to the boss as possible. once you are dead or the timer is up the next team will come in and try. The team that deals the most damage (death or not will win).

This will eventually hand out event tokens but for now will just do PP.

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