Blackspawn Ridge Update

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Blackspawn Ridge Update

Postby Aduka » Fri Nov 27, 2020 11:44 am

We have completed an update on Blackspawn Ridge that should take place tomorrow at reset. The following changes are:

• General Changes
Update divinity of bosses to “Unknown”
All races change to Humanoid minus drake.

• Boss One
Reduced HP to 25K from 50K.

• Boss Two
Warning before freeze. Now is 1 Second Delay
Add in spell casting
 Now has a 25% chance to Barrage Party.
 Now has a 30% chance to silence/interrupt bards songs.
Fix mini map to not show
Reduced HP to 30K from 50K

• Boss Three
Stoneskin will now keep the drake from flying off.
Reduced HP to 35K from 50K.
Drake HP to 15K from 25K.

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