Fishing Bait and Alchemy Recipe Changes

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Fishing Bait and Alchemy Recipe Changes

Postby Aieron » Fri Mar 05, 2021 11:44 am

We weren't happy with how Attract bait works since it only had only off or on functionality. I like the idea of having rare bait with differing levels of magnitude, so Attract bait was changed. As a result, attract bait that's in-game already was nerfed given it was far more effective than I intended and to give room for rarer versions.

Spinner bait time was reduced to 0.40 seconds from 0.75.

We also fixed an issue with a number of fish drop%s that were making some fish be rarer than intended or more common than intended.

Alchemy recipes for converting a crafting material into a different material no longer give skill ups.

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