Southern Expansion - Roadways

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Southern Expansion - Roadways

Postby Kruell » Sun Mar 28, 2021 7:19 pm

The world is expanding. There is now a second pathway to Wiken and Huldar that bypasses Linwood. In practical terms, this means the new roadway that has opened up is safe from PVP activity and allows players to run all the way from Canopia to the gates of Fort Huldar, if they can survive the threats from monsters. The pathway that leads through Linwood is still the shorter route, but due to the lack of reliable guards near the city, the roadways are as unsafe as the surrounding wasteland. Generally speaking, most roads in the realm will soon become safe for people to travel without having to worry about being killed by other players. Monsters and marauders will still be an issue though.

For those who like to wonder about the future... Yes, this means that the world is still growing and new routes may be opening soon. Furthermore, old routes may change a bit. This can be seen already in the Linwood Sewers and a few other areas that have grown to fit their environment. Be aware that as the world changes, only large updates will be posted. If you suddenly find that a road veers a different direction or your trip seems longer, it should be expected.

We all know the world map available on the Wiki is obsolete. In fact, there is not a good world map available to people at this time. While we do encourage people to create their own maps, I feel I must suggest that you save the file and be prepared to adjust it as things change. With plans we have in the works, the world will adjust quite significantly. Please realize though that we can't rush this as we are a volunteer group and changes have to be balanced out and tested before going live.

Enjoy the changes we are making to the world. Explore, enjoy, and above all have fun.
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