Build Changes in this update (approx 13/6/2021)

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Build Changes in this update (approx 13/6/2021)

Postby Kruell » Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:42 pm

To expand upon what NiteHawk has said in his update post:
-Changes to OADs. Raised drop rates and possible extras to make it more interesting and more worth running. (May be after the update but it's close.) OADs will be more divinity based now so certain divinities in an OAD will make it easier while against divinity will make it harder.

Certain instances have their divinity importance increased. What this means is that Instances are becoming harder to do if you do not take the correct divinity. As an example, Magma Pool is well known to be Fire divinity so if a person takes Water divinity characters they will do more damage and take less. If they take Night divinity into the instance they should expect to take A LOT more damage while doing significantly less. Characters with a neutral divinity alignment to the monsters will find the experience to be normal. Neutral Divinity characters will not receive any bonus or penalty in any instance.

Just to make sure the instances are working properly I have not updated all Instances at once. Currently Magma Pool, Fiend's Den, Blackspawn Forest, and Ringleader's Lair are adjusted to be divinity compatible. There will be no divinity changes to Ethereal Tomb as divinity does not alter the amount you heal. Other instances will follow shortly as we adjust the instances.

SPECIAL NOTE: Blackspawn Forest used to have bosses of every divinity. I have changed that. Since it is a large OaD, the NPCs are mainly one divinity. There are however a couple of NPCs who are one step off. This was done to allow for people who do not have the primary divinity to do the instance still to be capable of adding value to their presence. Larger instances will follow this pattern in the future.

Due to the nature of the other instances, all but Ethereal Tomb will be changed over to follow this patter of one or two divinities. This requires the rest of the instances to have their divinity altered to allow for all divinities to have an instance where they gain a bonus. Players who have characters specialized for an instance may have to get a divinity change or level another character. This cannot be helped. So players who enter an instance with a character that normally completes it with ease may find it more difficult with that character.

Drop rates are being increased across the board. For now, these instances have had their drop rates increased dramatically. As further instance alterations go in, their drop rates will be increased as well. I am also increasing the drop rates of world monsters though not as much. (i.e Raider Pioneer, Undertaker, Vale Protector, Queen Scorpion, ect) Some instances will have extra items drop that have not been in the instances in the past. Some of these items are useful in crafting.

I almost forgot... the boss monsters have more hit points now. Some of them are capable of doing a bit more damage in their normal hits. There may be a few other surprises along the way to make the instances more interesting. This isn't meant to make a meta character be able to walk through soloing instances of their divinity. Players will find that even with the correct divinity they may still have difficulty with the new alterations.


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Re: Build Changes in this update (approx 15/6/2021)

Postby Kruell » Sun Jun 13, 2021 12:32 am

I'm going ahead and making these changes to The Lost Temple of Tegus, Raider's Den, and Necromancer's Hideout. In order to clear some things off my todo list I'm releasing these now instead of just letting them sit for a few weeks. PLEASE NOTE that some of these instances have radically changed divinities so players who take the normal characters in may be upset. I have altered the instance divinities so that we have one of every divinity at their level where possible. This required a couple to basically flip. Good luck.

Although OaDs do not have the "Divinity" aspect at this time, I have increased the drop rates of Gnolls, Seta, Archfiend, 2nd Floor, and Caverns.

I have also taken the vast majority of the rare NPCs in the world and increased their drops. Although a couple of lvl 15 got increased, everything else level 20 and up had their drop chance increased. All told, there are about 100 monsters in this update that have had their drops increased or are divinity based so enjoy killing things.

For those who are gathering/crafting. Some of the monsters have a low chance to drop items that give crafting materials. While it is true that monsters inside of Instances/OaDs have a greater chance to drop, some random world monsters have a low chance to drop a container as well.

Anything not listed in these posts was either forgotten or ignored. Ancient Temple is too low to make divinity based unless I make it dynamic to the player. If anyone feels they have discovered something I missed or where I've made a mistake, feel free to DM me on Discord.


I have not altered Blackspawn Ridge yet. I wanted to speak with the creator before I did anything to it since it is our most complex instance.

I also have not altered Malevolent Plateau. Due to the way it is quest driven and has heal areas, it requires special attention.
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Re: Build Changes in this update (approx 13/6/2021)

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Jun 16, 2021 7:06 am

I want to clarify some misinformation.

Damage from mobs in these OADs have been increased slightly. You may see it more effective on mobs that backstab (as they have a 3x or 4x multiplier). This means if you want to take about the same damage as before (or a little less) you need to have divinity against the target you are fighting. This means if you simply go in with neutral characters you will be facing slightly higher damage outputs. No where near against divinity, but still harder.

The damage you deal however is normal if you are neutral (aka not against or with divinity). Weaker if you are against divinity, stronger if you have divinity.

Some NPCs may need adjustments still as they might have a bit too high damage. We are looking at this and evaluating it with more data. Thanks.

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