Dragon Update

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Dragon Update

Postby Aduka » Sun Jul 18, 2021 7:17 am


I wanted to take a moment and explain the Dragon part of today's update! I have been hard at work with our staff team on redesigning Dragons in Ember Online and many things with them have been changed in order to promote intense game play while encouraging group gameplay.


Set Spawn Times: 9am, 2pm 8pm 11pm 3am Server.
Randomized Spawns: Dragons will shuffle daily in their order of appearance.


Obtained: Points are earned each encounter. I will touch very lightly on how they are earned below.


Command: /dragonpoints or /dp

How They Are Earned: Points are calculated on many different factors in their calculation. Additionally, points can ONLY be earned while on the square with the Dragon. There are also -special- points woven into the system which can be discovered as you encounter them. In very rare cases we have choked points for various reasons. In general, be actively working towards the death of the Dragon and you will earn yourself some points.

What Doesn't Add or Subtract Points: Dying*, Damage Amount, Healing Amount.

* Dying in general will result in less points due to less time on the square actively progressing the fight. You will not have points taken away for dying.

Turning In Points: This is currently unavailable. We will enable this during the world quest talked about in the end of this post.


You are immediately given extreme sickness from dying to a Dragon. Think paralyze sickness. You get the point.


Dragons have been MASSIVELY overhauled and are no longer PVP encounters. It will take team work to beat them. This is the TOP content in the game, expect it to be hard.

Don't worry PVP folks, I have something special coming for you. At the end of our upcoming event I will be releasing something designed specifically for open world team fights. It should be a lot of fun and designed better to promote ever changing conditions that impact teams competing with each other.

There will be a world quest starting on Saturday, July 24th. This will be much like the ancient dust event, but with a very unique twist including live quest interaction with role played characters. More to come in the coming days.

Expect the series to last 4-5 weeks from initial release. Unique prizes to the top 3, other neat stuff for everyone for playing during the events. Community goals that unlock rewards, etc!

As always, thank you all for your continued support!

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