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Dragon Update - 7/20/21

Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:18 pm
by Aduka
Event Time Changes

Tuesday: 10PM
Thursday: 10AM
Saturday: 10PM
Sunday: 9PM

Tuesday: 9PM
Sunday: 4PM

Monday: 10AM
Wednesday: 9PM
Thursday: 9PM
Friday: 10AM

Dragon Changes

Crystal Dragon & Orb
Lowered Damage Slightly (Again)
Lowered Health - Orb Only
Removed Magic Negation - Orb Only

Twilight Dragon
Addressed issue with NPC damage splash. Should now correctly target the intended target(s).

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to alter the way points are awarded. The object of Dragon encounters is to kill the Dragon. It has become increasingly visible that the ideal approach is to simply sit and heal, sit and hide, etc. In the spirit of making sure players are being awarded for what they are doing we have decided to add a participation % for the entire group based on the actions of the group.

Moving forward every encounter will be tabulated based on the performance of the group and their ability to progress the defeat of the Dragon. You will be awarded a % of your points based on the groups actions.


Scenario 1:
10 People Show Up.
3 People Fight, 7 people Heal.
3% of the damage breakpoint has been done to the Dragon, you are only awarded 3% of your points.
Total Points = 200*0.03 = 6 Points.

Scenario 2:
10 People Show Up.
8 People Fight, 2 People Heal.
110% of the damage breakpoint has been done to the Dragon, you are awarded 100% of your points.
Total Points = 200*1= 200 Points.

200 Points is NOT the base of points being awarded. It is a number I am using for demonstration purposes. Dragon Points are awarded based on a multi-factor formula which will not be disclosed.

Re: Dragon Update - 7/20/21

Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 1:50 pm
by Aduka
There have been several comments made about not understanding the points system. I cannot go into exact detail of what gives what because it would simply turn into people gaming the system or only bringing what could potentially award them the maximum points based on their interpretations. That is not the intent of this system. The intent of the dragon points system, and really Dragons becoming a PVE experience, is to offer challenging gameplay while also allowing players to bring what they want to bring and have fun while doing it.

If you want to be that Stalker that is out there with his best bud Wally the Walla, then rock it out! If you’re the stone cold killer that wants to smash his daggers into everything that moves while singing baby shark all day? Have at it!

The point is, the point system is there to reward everyone as fairly as possible with an equal share of the rewards.

I can go on record and say that you are started with a base amount for every action you do. Every single character starts with that same base for each action. Things like what the action was, how well you performed it, your class, your divinity, your race all matter. These can either affect it positively or negatively depending on what it is.

What doesn’t award points:
0 Heals.
0 Damage.

What else can affect it:
The Right Skill at The Right Time.


Ben goes to fight the Dragon. Ben has 4 stamina meaning Ben can complete 4 actions a round. This means Ben could possibly get up to 8 points. Sadly, Ben is only successful on 2 of 4 actions. Ben only has 4 base points.

Ben’s 4 base points are now applied to the formula. Everything about Ben is looked at. What he was doing, when he was doing it, how successful he was at doing it. There are roughly 8 different things looked at to determine what type of modifier Ben gets. Ben happens to be not so ideal. Ben’s modifier is 0.8. So, the following happens.

Ben’s Final Points = 4 * 0.8 = 3.2

Ben’s Final Points for that “Round” turned out to be 3.2.

Additional Information:

Re: Dragon Update - 7/20/21

Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:56 pm
by Aduka
I wanted to give a brief update coming at reset (hopefully):

Virulent Dragon
Reduced Message Spam
Added "Extreme Sickness" to gas deaths.

Crystal Dragon
Reduced Message Spam
Added "Extreme Sickness" to Crystal AOE deaths.

Twilight Dragon
Updated Hailshot Usage* See Below


Skills Which Award 0 Points
    Pet Heal

Skills Which Award Points (Conditionally)
    Hailshot - Twilight Only
    Melee - Sub 10 Damage, Misses, etc.
    Magic - Backfires, Sub 10 Damage, etc.

Skills Which Award "Basic" Points
    Rapid Shot
    Bind Shot
    Sap Shot
    Slow Shot
    Drain Shot
    Pierce Shot

Before I state what I am about to state please keep in mind there are a couple million permutations of the modifier for points. With this said, there was an oversight on Hailshot and how it registers to the server when used. It was originally defaulted to a modifier of 0. The team agrees that this skill is useful and ONLY useful at twilight, therefore we have give it a proper modifier for Twilight and Twilight alone. Thank you.

I'm bound to be missing some, but that is all I can think of now. A large part of things being left out is due to how things are hardcoded, etc. and it not being worth changing it for one system. Sorry Folks.

I will continue monitoring Dragons and look forward to you finding the hidden tricks and quirks.



Re: Dragon Update - 7/20/21

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2021 1:37 am
by Aduka
Flight Time: 3 Minutes (Was 1 Minute)
Fight Time: 10 Minutes

Points will now award at a minimum of 5% instead of 0%.

Re: Dragon Update - 7/20/21

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2021 11:57 am
by Aduka
Updated Dragons to use Timestamp system to allow for cooldowns on certain skills.

Updated Shadows to instantly re-spawn back.

Removed Poison Issue on Vira and replaced with better skill.

Orb will correctly despawn on fly off.