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The Squire: Leveling Event - Saturday 9th to Saturday 23rd!

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:06 pm
by NiteHawk
A Squire must be trained!

This event requires you level a temporary class called a 'Squire' which will be selectable in the character creation screen. It will start Saturday 9th and end at Saturday 23rd (two weeks). First lets talk about the 'Squire' class:

-Can be leveled at the 'World Event Center - Squire' in Seamoor City (near the docks/test dummy arena)
-You can level as much experience on it once you hit level 24.
-Gains 4 attacks by level 16.
-Has moderate base attack damage, however, with every successful attack in a row the damage will RAMP UP. Missing or attacking a player will reset your successful attacks. You can boost an attack up to 10 times which gives an additional 10% per successful attack. (Total of 100% boost!) Pick what you fight carefully, it might be good to target low AGI monsters or lower level monsters to keep your average successful attacks up!
-Has access to a self cure that ramps up until level 24. INT BASED.
-Has access to /meditate. INT BASED.
-Requires no gold to level.
-Granted special superior gear that is for Squires only and is better then any traditional in game item. (So use it!)


The winners will be who gain the most experience! The Squire characters and items will be deleted after the event. HOWEVER, any experience you put into level the squire will become scroll of experiences, rounded down to the nearest 10 million. For example, if you level 423 million, you will gain 420mil worth of experience in scrolls to sell or use on your own characters! Nice!

On top of that, Squires will gain 30% more experience during leveling! This means that they will gain experience faster which means it is WORTH to level on a Squire just for the experience scrolls! Awesome!

Scrolls will have an expire time, but it should be a fair amount of time to do whatever with them.


Now for the rules:
-Only one Squire character per person. You can delete your original if you feel it is not up to par, but if there is more than one Squire character at the end of the event, you will be disqualified. (NOTE: You can create a second Squire if you max the experience from the first one, both will be totaled together EXP wise.)
-No transferring characters. Any transferred character is disqualified and will not be seen as valid. Characters MUST come from the original creators account!
-No helping others in terms of logging into characters that you do not own. If anyone but yourself logs in your character to level it, you will be disqualified. (I will also ban you for this one, as you aren't supposed to be sharing accounts anymore anyways.)
-You can help others via characters that you own, for example, a guardian protecting a Squire is legit.
-Scrolls/Pets/Equippable items that grant experience or gold do not work on this class. They are disabled for them.
-Control Crystal EXP boosts also do not work on this class. The only boost you shall get is the 30% boost towards the class, that everyone gets!
-Any race is valid. Your stats are your choice.
-Any item left on the character will be DELETED once the event is over on the 23nd at reset SHARP.
-Additional rules may appear here until the event starts.


All: Scroll of experiences up to the experience you gained, which can be used for other characters or for selling.

1st Place: 30 days gold premium, 1 lookover line addon, 1 unique weapon of choice, 1 Chance Ring, Purple Unique Boots/Gloves, 4% Evil Ember
2nd Place/3rd place: 30 days silver premium (Or 15d gold), 1 unique armor of choice, 1 Chance Ring, Purple Unique Boots/Gloves, 5% Divinity Ember
Top 10%: 1 Chance Ring, Blue Unique Boots/Gloves, 4% Divinity Ember
Top 25%: Blue Unique Boots/Gloves, 4% Divinity Ember
Top 50%: Blue Unique Boots/Gloves


How to access the temporary class:
NOTE: The class will unlock on Saturday's reset.

1. Click CREATE on the character creation screen.
2. Pick any standard class (The Squire class is not available here)
3. Pick the race you want.
4. On this screen, the dropdown box WILL have he Squire class. Select it here and proceed as normal! See image below:
squireevent.png (106.57 KiB) Viewed 2933 times

Hope you enjoy it! Remember, even if you aren't aiming for the top, it may still be worth doing because of the experience scrolls you will gain!

(NOTE: If we release a new class in the future, you will not be able to use instant experience scrolls on them for a couple weeks so everyone has a fair chance at leveling the new class. Same goes for level 25+. It will then be unlocked to do so once the two weeks have passed.) Experience scrolls will last a certain period, (most likely 90d before expiring, maybe longer), but should give you enough time to use them on other characters.

Re: The Squire: Leveling Event - Saturday 9th to Saturday 23rd!

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:35 pm
by NiteHawk
Remember to make the character, pick a random class (Doesn't matter what) on the firs screen, then edit your class to squire in the image psoted above.

The event is ready to rock at downtime tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

Re: The Squire: Leveling Event - Saturday 9th to Saturday 23rd!

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:38 pm
by NiteHawk
If for some reason you hit the max experience of a SQUIRE, then you have permission to create another 8). I can't boost the EXP higher at the moment due to programming (int) limitations (forgot to use a long value here as didn't think it was needed.).

So if you end up hitting it, you can continue with another character on the same account.

The Squire: Leveling Event Complete!

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:29 am
by NiteHawk
The event ends at reset today. For anyone wondering what will happen:

1. Your Squire will become a knight with 0xp/level 1. Any XP you made will be converted into 90 day experience boosters. The experience scrolls are 50 million and million . NOTE: The last 200 million (or extra millions that cannot be converted to 50 million) will be converted into 10 million experience scrolls, so you'll get a good number of those too. The scrolls are soulbound and stack. THE SCROLLS WILL BE ON YOUR ORIGINAL SQUIRE CHARACTER TO GRAB.

2. Any squire gear will be converted to junk items.

3. Winners will be announced and items awarded in a few days. DO NOT DELETE THE CHARACTER YOU MADE THE SQUIRE ON!

Thanks guys.