Water Week - Quests, Leveling, Wheel Of Chance - September 26th!

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Water Week - Quests, Leveling, Wheel Of Chance - September 26th!

Postby NiteHawk » Sun Sep 25, 2022 2:15 pm

Starting at reset on September 26th will be water week! All water characters starting will earn 15% more experience and 7.5% more gold! On top of that, all NPCs that have the water divinity will have a higher chance at dropping! Nice! Now is the time to level water characters and earn yourself some water embers!

There are two new quests that can get you some nice gloves/boots that have 11 armor (each) and reduce damage from any fire character by 5% when both are equipped! Nice!

Also, the wheel of chance is back! Earn yourself prestige points (70%), boosters (25%), or rare items (5%)! If it lands on a rare item, you will earn yourself a dragon scale or if you are super lucky, a radiant enchant scroll. Oh my!

You will earn one free spin a day by logging on a character for at least 60 minutes. (You can log on/off the character no issues, but it must be one character.) You can check your total time online simply by /i 'ing yourself or by attempting to spin the wheel.

The wheel is located near the gates of Seamoor City while the quests are located near the docks of Seamoor City at the World Event Center.

NOTE: The wheel/bonus embers/bonus XP will be available for 7 days. The quest will be available for 14 days so you can finish it. It is advised to try to get the first quest done within the first 7 days as the bonus ember drop rate will come in handy as for many of the drops they are far higher than usual!

Thanks to Kruell for setting it up!

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