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Staff Transparency

Postby NiteHawk » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:32 am

I want to bring up something about the way I attempt to handle staff and prevent issues.

Alot of people came from a game called Realms of Kaos, and unfortunately in that game there was a lot of corruption and issues with staffers there, especially pre-crash. Things such as spawning monsters to level on, people spawning items, etc, etc. There is one thing I have to say about this: We are not Realms of Kaos.

Part of my job is to make sure corruption doesn't happen, and I don't think we are at a bad spot. A few people tend to make claims, but a lot of these claims seem to be invalid. I want to point out a few things and show some details on what we have in place:

1. Most staffers cannot spawn monsters. Even if they can /spawn, they spawns have 0 gold, 0 exp, and no drops as a prevention. Monster spawns like the Crimson Dragon or Thanatos have a random spawn timer which cannot be affected by a staffer and is set when the server reboots. If a staffer attempts to refresh a room, Rare and higher monsters do not get affected by doing this, so they cannot refresh to attempt to respawn any monsters. No staffers but myself can spawn or award items.

2. /spy doesn't give a lot of information but is useful for events. There are two levels, a full spy command and a limited spy command. Most staff members do NOT have the full spy command (I consider it a higher privilege now and only head and trusted have it.) and it cannot use it against you to find information on your accounts. Regardless, I always check for usage in the logs quite often to make sure it is used correctly. This is what most staffers see when using the command:


3. PP and item rewards are logged and is directly sent to everyone in staff to see:
No rewards cannot go without everyone noticing. Bans/Kicks/etc also go into the #staff-issues channel automatically.

4. Staffers are completely logged. It is not that I do not trust my staffers, but it's my last line of defense for verifying things. It records anything they do in game:

It even records things such as a staffer receiving or giving items, getting items, dropping items, etc. Virtually anything they say or do is logged.

I want to also note that normal players aren't generally logged in this fashion; I.E. Your private messages ARE private messages, etc. Only staffers are logged to this extent for security purposes, which they know about. There is more in place than just this logger too, but I want to say 'I watch everything a staffer does'.


If you EVER have an issue or suspect foul play, you can PM me on discord or email me at If it involves something a staffer did in game, please give me a time so it's easier to find and verify the information.

I want this game to be as corrupt free. I've worked very hard on this game and I want to see it flourish.


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Re: Staff Transparency

Postby Adramelk » Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:06 pm

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Hopefully this will limit the amount of so-called Abuse claims that go on.
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