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Some Upcoming Changes for

Postby NiteHawk » Mon Aug 24, 2020 2:32 pm

Hello folks!

I'm just here to post a few little tidbits on the upcoming changes. First off, let's talk about some changes with using items. There are two interesting changes here. The first is being able to use any healing potion, mana potion, food, or drink with a command. This will grab any item that matches the criteria. For example, if you type /useheal it will find a healing potion in your inventory, (starting from the end) and use it. The other commands are similar, /usemana, /usefood, and /usedrink. Here is an example of it in effect:


Second up, being able to CTRL+Click on potions, food/water, and equipment. CTRL+Click will use any potion/food/water instantly. CTRL+Click on equipment will equip or unequip it. This can be disabled in the options if you don't want it enabled.


Next up, the party window! This is very simple and only shows HP right now, but it should help a lot. This displays both player HP and npc HP in your party. On the new client, we may display more (aliments and MP) but for now it's not possible. It is set to auto popup when needed.

You can also click the window to use your mouse macros, so it can be good for buffing/healing/etc. You can also enable HP text in the options, but it is disabled by default as I feel it makes it a bit cluttered.

hpshow.png (23.85 KiB) Viewed 635 times


I've also fixed the IDs that are displayed if you have it enabled. Now not just monster IDs are displayed, but player IDs. These can be used to specifically focus on someone if needed. It's the same IDs your mouse button uses on clicks to prevent clicking the wrong target if there are same names in the room.

ids.png (9.39 KiB) Viewed 635 times

Another thing you can do now is use # and % to target either players or npcs only. While not as specific as the IDs, this should at least allow you to control For example, if there is a npc called Tempest Dragon in the room and a player named Tempest in the room, you can use /a #Tempest to attack the player and /a %Tempest to attack the dragon. This works for look over, attacks, casting, and skills right now. This is NOT required either, but allows some control. Using IDs is still the best as you can target individual NPCs, but for NPC vs Player situations on targeting, this should work fine and be quick!


Last two things on the last, guild wars. It is coming nicely and should be out with this update as well. There will be three 'factions' to pick from, and there will be some limitations on fighting to promote fair and fun fights. It is not required to be in a faction, but if you do, you'll gain fun rewards along the way!

And then we have crafting, which will most likely come right after this. We are hoping to have a release date of the end of September/early October. This will contain the starting goods to level professions (up to level 25 purple items to start) and once we see how it fairs and tweak it, we will continue with some really fun stuff past this. However this WILL come with the prefix/suffix stuff, which will allow you to boost your weapons and armors with small bonuses!

There are also many bug fixes and some QOL changes too. We'll be looking at balance changes along the way as well as it is probably time for the next batch of balance fixes. :)

Thanks folks!

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