Faction Rewards - Soon!

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Faction Rewards - Soon!

Postby NiteHawk » Mon Mar 08, 2021 4:27 pm

Faction Rewards should be coming this weekend (Probably Sunday or a little later). I want to hold off releasing since we just did an overhaul on how points are gained. I will however spoil 'some' of the rewards now.

First up, the general items. You can convert them to PP, you can get XP scrolls, and general items like that. Basic and obvious these would be on the list.

Next up, an item called 'Orb of Experience Absorption'. This item will eat all the experience from a character, resetting it to level 1, and then convert 33% of it into the orb. So if you have 300mil experience, the orb will remove all that experience and convert it into a 100mil XP scroll. Pretty much basic character recycling. These won't be very expensive either, so you should be able to get them fairly easily.

We are going to release a 'faction set' of armor. It consists of boots/gloves/main armor. Each faction set gives a flat spell damage reduction and damage reduction when you have all three pieces. Each faction has a little variation on what spell/damage reduction you get, but you can wear whatever faction gear you want in general. (Gear isn't faction locked, would be pointless since it's easy to hop around.) These will probably be the heaviest to get so expect some grind to get them as it's a decent reduction amount.

Unique embers. These will be 3% and 4%. They are specifically PVP class and PVP race embers. For example, you can get an Assassinbane Ember and equip it on a weapon, to get 3% or 4% more damage on all assassins. You could also equip it on your shield/armor to reduce the damage from any assassin. Racial embers are similar, but focus on player races only. PVE embers will probably come out with a system that Zombeh is working on in the future. This should make some interesting setups on if you want divinity, racial, or class bonuses. Neutral cannot use these still since they are considered Embers and any ember bonus gets wiped atm, sorry 8). This may change in the future but I want to take a look at the Neutral divinity first before we do anything of that sort.

There will also be some other things like high tier crafting mats to be released, and other neat things. I figured I would relay this since people are interested.

Thanks! :)

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