Update incoming soon (ish)

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Update incoming soon (ish)

Postby NiteHawk » Tue Jun 01, 2021 4:17 pm


I just want to make a quick post about things that are being changed real quick. Mostly bullet points but just so you're all aware ahead of time.

-MR changes: I'm testing something before we do a complete overhaul. The MR values will be adjusted, and gear will have a negation effect. Right now the negation effect is based on the gear type, and eventually if this works we'll go more into depth with it.

-Class changes: In particular Paladins, Minstrels, and Knights are getting some changes. I'm not doing all I want for Minstrels yet but it's a good start. There are some other minor changes as well.

-Race changes: Two or three races are being modified, most if not all of it should be positive changes.

-Light tweaks to affixes: On the top of my head three that need to be nerfed are the poison/burn suffix, and the armor suffix (The total armor gained is way too much when stacked.). Possible some minor bonuses too.

-Changes to OADs. Raised drop rates and possible extras to make it more interesting and more worth running. (May be after the update but it's close.) OADs will be more divinity based now so certain divinities in an OAD will make it easier while against divinity will make it harder.

-Premium houses: I want them to be accessible to every city location, there's probably no point not to do this. It may come this update, but it may be a few days after. Guild halls will not change however though one day I'll look at them.

There are other changes upcoming, but I just want to make sure everyone is aware of some of it. Thanks!

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