General Roadmap for December 2021 and Onwards!

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General Roadmap for December 2021 and Onwards!

Postby NiteHawk » Thu Dec 02, 2021 2:11 pm

I just want to update what's going on:

First off, I'm in the process of revamping the control crystals for entering. The current system doesn't work, I couldn't get it to work, I scrapped it and I'm redoing it. You guys may not notice any difference, but the internals will be different and hopefully resolve a lot of the current issues that are happening when /entering and leaving the control crystals. I'm looking to test this on Saturday and release soon. I also wanted to make potential differences in each control crystal room as we have voted on it, but that won't be in yet (I believe.)


Next, I'm fixing PVP a little. It's a little to complex with the whole repent system. Generally how it's 'supposed' to work is that someone who pkers a under 25er, and is the aggressor, becomes red. When the aggressor dies, they lose XP. If they lose more then 1% XP, they start losing stats until it's recovered, up to 3% xp loss capped. Repenting can only occur when the aggressor dies, and gives back some money to the defender/the under 25er. It was ok on paper, but it's too complex. It also doesn't work it seems all the time (I don't think aggressors lose XP every time RN.)

I want to simply make it: If a PKer kills, he becomes red and can be attacked everywhere but cities. Once he is dead/loses XP they will have their red PK status removed. There are ways to remove this daily. That's pretty much it. This does NOT effect 25 vs 25er fights, or anything like that as it doesn't now.

This will go hand in hand with the new roads update as well coming out which will be changing the world a little bit in order for people who don't want to engage in PVE. I don't want to confine people to one room arenas for PVE. Think of them as arenas where you can 'move around'. The roads can be patrolled by NPCs in the future and other fun things too. All areas outside the roads will remain unsafe and will continue being the best place to level. PVE areas will have a lower XP/gold/droprate just as arenas are now.


After this, I'm looking at 25+. Currently we can't have the same system scaling for 25+. It would make the gap from level 16 to 50 way to high and that would cause even more issues with balance currently. Instead it will work differently and work towards boosting your character a little more and putting them on a unique path.

Characters will NOT be rebirthed or reset. I want to make this clear. I personally hate those kind of systems and I don't see a reason for it. Instead you'll continue to gain experience as normal (the cap will be removed) After X amount of experience, you can put XXX experience into a level (I don't know if we'll call it leveling/etc, but for now let's roll with that.). Let's say 40-50 mil per 'level'.

You will not gain more HP/damage/etc the normal way. As I said above, it would be too massive of a change.
--20 levels will give you 0.1 point of a stat of your choosing. This is NOT a bonus stat, and will be part of your actual stats. So multipliers/etc should work here. There may be limits, for example you may only be able to put an additional +1 stat point onto an actual stat. There are some things to work on (if +1 stats can be increased to +2) but we'll look at it best we can.

--5 levels will be earning new spells, attributes, or skills. We had a vote on this, and most people decided it would be more interesting if they can pick between 2-3 options every 5 levels.

Here is an example:
My cleric has hit level 30. He now has the option to pick from the following: I can pick to improve my overall healing by X amount, I can learn a new spell which is a AOE cure, or my aegis/smite ability being improved.

Something like this. This means we'll have clerics that might focus on lower heals but having AOE heals, clerics that focus on their aid healing being better, or an overall little tankier cleric that also can smite undead more for a cheaper amount.

Mind you the above is a EXAMPLE (the smite idea is probably eh I was just including it to say it doesn't need to be heal focused, it could be something else entirely!). The goal is to make branches to make more unique characters. Each 5 levels will be a new branch to pick from, leading to even more unique characters. Shadow Priest anybody?


Next is actually the FREAKING NEW CLIENT! I've been saying this for a long time now, but after 25+ is there, I feel like we're finally in an OK position to get a new client that can operate on the web/etc too. On top of this, I want to go heavier on marketing the game everywhere. Right now we're not really known. I suspect a web client/tablet client would help boost some numbers if we were on the google store. My goal would be to have 40-50 people online at any time, which isn't a bad goal and I feel like it's achievable to start.

I'm hoping to get this all done next year coming.

We'll be looking at balance patches like normal, checking to see how the changes to spell casting have taken and if they're too strong we need to adjust them slightly. Adjusting some races, maybe revamping a few classes a little. Fun stuff right?

Also, we're going to see about getting more actual quests in game. I like world events that effect the world. 8) Looking for the quest master too on that front.


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