IMPORTANT: Changes to 'SET' items!

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IMPORTANT: Changes to 'SET' items!

Postby NiteHawk » Mon Oct 24, 2022 7:45 am

Set items have been slightly adjusted. The only set that was changed negatively was the brawler set, the rest was either untouched or boosted slightly. These are the full stats with 3 pieces equipped. As follows:

Offensive: 0.8 strength, 0.8 intelligence
Increase of +0.1 strength/intelligence

Defensive: 0.6 wisdom, 0.5 endurance, 10 armor
Increase of +0.1 wisdom

Intangible: 0.6 agility, -0.15 second
No change

Brawler: 0.5 strength, 0.5 agility
Decrease of -0.2 strength/agility

Sorcery: 0.7 int, 0.7 charisma, 0.3 wisdom.
Added +0.3 wisdom when full set is equipped.

Thank you.

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