Utility Items Will Be Adjusted

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Utility Items Will Be Adjusted

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Feb 01, 2023 7:43 am

First off, Talisman and Codexes originally gave attack class/race buffs instead of class/race defence. As you know these are DEFENSIVE and they should of been giving a bonus similar to what shields do. Anyone that has a attack bonus still on their item will have it adjusted to defensive in the near future automatically. This was adjusted on day one so I don't think there should be many.

Secondly, we will be looking at adjusting utility items a little more for interest of having the higher level versions, sort of like how bard instruments are valued more. Yes you can use a lower level version (and this is okay) but we want to make sure there is interest in high level items too. This is the same principles armor/weapons/etc have had too where you can equip green items in favour of the bonuses vs armor or damage. I think it's fine in this regard.

I'm not aiming to adjust affixes though -- BUT there may be a couple of affixes that do get adjusted on the utilities. We'll make sure the adjustments are as fair as possible, otherwise we'll refund. This is still in the air but for the most case affixes are fine.


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