Necromancer Changes

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Necromancer Changes

Postby NiteHawk » Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:39 pm

Slight changes to start:

1. Leech has been adjusted from 5MP to 4MP per cast.
2. Rot has been adjusted from 10MP to 6MP per cast.
3. Wither has been adjusted from 20MP to 10MP per cast. Wither itself has a easier pierce rate (50% easier to break through MR) thus wither is a good initial casting spell. MR reduction if successful has been increased slightly. (Around 7.5% MR loss with 22INT). It still gains it's other effects (armor loss, spell damage increase) as well.
4. Blind and Slow has been adjusted from 25MP to 20MP.
5. Undead has been adjusted from 50MP to 35MP.
6. Necromancers now also gain the SAP spell. Purchasable at level 20.
7. Blind purchasable increased to level 21 (to space out the spells.)

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