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Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:16 pm
by NiteHawk
-Fix to when changing the cache limit client size and you end up with an error until you restart the client (or /clear).
-Secondary Window now updates when it's minimized.
-Everyones debuff/buff has a ID now and will be displayed when enabling 'debuffs/buffs' on your client rather then a general message.
-Welcome message to all new players has a global chat ID thus if you disable global chat from the main window, it also removes from there.
-Fixed the global muting function.
-Added /aspy and /nspy, admin only, and is similar to player spy but can be found via account or nickname instad of player name and does not have any specific player info.
-Fixed a couple issues when downsizing a player vault with a lower premium (No one would of experienced this yet.)