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Postby NiteHawk » Sun May 05, 2019 3:55 pm

-Fixed an error on death involving experience.
-Fixed a script issue on death (similar to above.)
-Found and fixed an issue where the main thread could collide with a login (Hopefully should be the last one now.)
-Autosneak counter displayed while autosneaking when you do room movement or look around. This will eventually be added to the client rather then the above though and is just a temporarily adjustment for now.
-Fixed the racial re-allocation message (and code) and removed the expiry time on racial changes.
-Adjusted it so that instead of never being able to racial adjust/div adjust/etc a character that has been transfered, you can now adjust characters that have been on your account for AT LEAST 60 days after transfer. This means if you transfer a character and want to modify him, you'll have to wait, but it is now possible rather than never being able to.

-Zombie, Undead, Imps have more hit points as it's harder to spawn them in mid combat now. Adjusted dodge rate by +1-2 agi as well.
-Fixed color code with stoneskin.
-Ranger pets base HP based on 60% total NPC HP instead of 55%. (Around 5% more hp.)

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