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Postby NiteHawk » Fri Oct 22, 2021 9:11 am

-All event knapsacks (Like the Milo Backpack) have been increased to +3 slots.
-+3 knapsack has been added to alchemy (Bag of Plenty +3)

-Professions now level up with experience rather than random which will help fair on everyone.
--In terms of how much experience you gain: If the chance before was 12.5% chance to level up per item, you now gain 12.5% experience per item.
--The bars are now visible on the profession tab.
image_2021-10-22_140405.png (10.22 KiB) Viewed 723 times

-Account profiles are in and work with achievements as described next. You can edit this on the account manager or in game, similar to a player profile.
--42 achievements totaling 168 medals have been added! Each achievement has 4 medals currently, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Bronze is very easy to yet, while platinum is a fairly long task and will take awhile. The amount may be adjusted as we tweak it.
--Earning medals isn't for show. You can gain awesome bonuses, prizes, PP, CM, Faction points, etc! Some very new bonuses have been added, such as humming bonus chance increase on drop, increased chances for crafting drops, being able to roll 'max' inscriber rolls instantly, bonus damage, bonus gold, bonus XP, etc! You can even earn yourself resculpts, reallocation points, divinity changes, and even race changes! Lot's of fun things!
--You can view your own profile with '/AI' with no arguments. You can view others by typing '/AI (account nickname'). This also can be accessed via the menu.
--There is a leaderboard that updates daily at reset. First day will obviously not show anyone. The leaderboard is per medal. Eventually we may do monthly/weekly leaderboards but the current is total.
--Leaderboard can be accessed via the menu or by typing /medals.
-Achievement event now going on! Extra rewards being given out! Check viewtopic.php?f=36&p=19223#p19223 for more details!

-Items can now be rolled on via drop if it is set in the room/npc file. If you win you have a minute to pick up the item on the ground, otherwise anyone can pick it up. Currently this isn't used anywhere but we have some plans for it. You can roll on an item with /rollitem.
-Fix to items such as amulet of spell negation not working properly.
-Added a way for rooms to have a response message only when opening it or entering it for the first time.
-Fix to backups now working properly (woops)
-Attempted to improve some lag issues on login for everyone. (Isn't not really that bad in general but want to make sure it's handled before it does.)
-Client browser has been upgrade and handles more CSS effects (design) better.
-Attempted to improve server reboot times via optimization.

-Paladins leech 5% HP while divine is active to whole party. This has always been in but I forgot to add it to the paladin list of updates. Just so people are aware.

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