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Postby NiteHawk » Wed Dec 08, 2021 3:05 pm

-Fixed hailshot/barrage issue where you would get double hit if you were already dead while protecting.
-Fix to Entity.Move on logged off characters, which will create duplicates/spawns by accident if you attempt to use it on a closed slot before the data is cleared.
-Entering a room with a dragon will bind you to the from for two ticks (4-8s).

-Released weapon crafting for dragon weapons. This is the same as current weapons but have different costs:
--Dragon weapons require weapon crafting level 100.
--The recipes must be bought. Each recipe gives you all types of that item. For example, 'Recipe - Crimson Weapons' will give you all the crimson weapon recipes. Recipes cost 200k per dragon type. This is permanent to the character and only has to be learned once.
--Recipes take 2 less scales but cost more in the form of dragon soul fragments, which can be bought for 200k each. Most weapons require two dragon soul fragments, except axes which require three. So for example, Crimson Blade requires 400k and 28 scales instead of 100k and 30 scales.
--These items can be found at Alderra City, Bay View Lane. Which is located near the docks.
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-Changes to PVP dragon:
--Entity.Move now makes sure it moves the correct person via name rather than slot ID.
--You will have a combat timer while you're in the void.
--Fixed an issue where the PVP dragon always dropped scales to begin instead of doing it every 50k damage.

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