Twilight Changes

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Twilight Changes

Postby NiteHawk » Tue Jan 18, 2022 3:36 pm

Twilight Dragon has been adjusted to prevent drama and had some fixes as it seems we constantly have issues with this dragon. Might need to be tweaked though as I've adjusted a few things.

-Pet explosions happen on the owner of the pet only rather then the party, but deal massive damage.
-NPCs no longer clone but instead a create a class/race shadow. The class/race is shown on spawn for you. This may need adjusting still (aka if you see them attacking with a wrong weapon/etc let me know.) Their max stats are based on their race stats (and some is based on class like armor), so for example, using magic on a primordial is a bad idea!
-NPCs spawned count can only be +2 higher than the player count in the room. For example if there are 6 people in the room and 10 shadow npcs, 2 npcs will despawn, starting with the newest spawns.
-Spawned NPC damage has been adjusted to be closer to player damage. (Apparently it was lower, which was a mistake, might be too hard though so we'll adjust it lower again if it is needed.)
-Starting tomorrow he will spawn in the bottom left corner instead of near the middle of wiken graveyard.

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