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Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2022 6:26 am
by NiteHawk
-Critical message revamp:
--Critical attacks now add to the end of the message I.E. "You attack a fire dummy with your axe of destruction critically hitting for 89 points of damage!". Applies to arrows and two handed weapons!
--Critical attacks no longer show up when you trigger critical and miss (which was pointless). The base amount of critical chance is still the same. (landed critical hits/total amount of hits)
--Two hander weapon messages function the same instead of an additional message per attack. (Same as arrows now).
--Critical system can be used elsewhere easily now as well in case it ever becomes a thing.

-Hailshot + Rapidshot only trigger the attack sound once only (spammy fix)
-Hailshot works properly and takes into account armor. (This was never not meant to be a armor bypass thing). Might still need tweaking.
-Thieves messages reworded. Every 'backstab' with a bow is now a SNIPE, and if it critical you will see it in the messages as above. (I.E. You 'SNIPE a fire dummy with your dagger critically hitting for 350 points of damage!")
-All two hander sword/bow+arrow users skills should also take into the above account. If not let know.

-Control Crystal should no longer take into account NPCs or players that aren't in the room in your party for lives.