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Postby NiteHawk » Sat Jan 28, 2023 1:02 pm

-Instrument changed to Utility. Utilities can now have embers, enchantments, and blesses applied to them. (Make sure you equip them to your already existing instruments!)
--Utility for Bards: Instrument (Offensive)
--Utility for Sorcerors: Codex (Defensive)
--Utility for Necromancer: Tome (Offensive)
--Utility for Druids: Talisman (Defensive)

-Divinity dodge/mr bonuses applied properly. On fire/water/night didn't have it set properly resulting in no dodge/mr bonus.

-Starting MR decreased from 36 to 32%.

-Per agility point adjusted from 2.25% to 2%.

-Pot/Heal Decay adjusted
--Potion decay for MP/HP is now shared.
--Decay is now double the amount it was now on both pot and heal decay.
--Spells that cause heal decay have been normalized. This means AID, HEAL, and CURE all give the same decay amount. Decay has also been reduced per aid/heal/cure as well.
--The point in decay in both matters is now is more to still allow long fights to happen, but not endless. In most cases you should not even see maxium decay anymore.

-Control Crystal changes
--If you attack a control crystal you're engaged in it until you die or win.
--Maximum players decreased to 3 (will be increased in the future, we see how this goes too, might be too few.)
--Bonuses for holding crystals have been tweaked and have been improved. We may change to other bonuses in the future that might be more interesting but 'most' bonuses here should be nicer now!

-/togglewho no longer has a timer and can be used to hide yourself or show yourself indefinately.

-/i no longer gives how long a user has been online for, making it harder to track people.

-Global chat increased from 30 seconds to 300 seconds (5m) per message. Any more and I'll just remove it as it's become a soap opera.

-Added a script function to boost attack agility or dodge agility through spells w/ duration.

-Messages for /boost adjusted for more clarity when a global boost is active.

-Quests can now block giving items to them through /give in case the quest has an exit which wipes the quest when you exit the quest (thus wiping the given items).

-Fixed a bug on character creation where you could create lower case starting names.

-/RollAll commanded added (based on Jaysus roll script he created). It will roll in the room and spit out a list. Uses your stamina to do so.

-Added a command to run class exp/gold boosters on all specific classes on the go/when needed.

-Added a rolling system when items drop, however this isn't used yet and needs to be defined. (/Rollitem)

-Added a second listening port (9999) in case 8888 is blocked on your end. You can change it via adding [ServerInfo] Port=9999 in settings.dat. (If you need help you can poke me).

-Paralyzing NPC attacks cannot 'stack' and will be removed before another is applied. (Let us know if we missed one.)

-Fixed arrow criticals and two hander sword criticals. Apparently criticals were lower then they should of been and you should see a big improvement on Rangers, Archers, Thieves, Knights, and Barbarians.

-Added a super important sentient shrimp mask and rare shrimp companion.

-Quest Event Bags have been increased to their final values, with +4 slots and either +4 AC, 40 MP, or 15 HP. (Milo Backpack for example). There will be a quest to earn another in game!

-Remove morality points. Renamed /virtue to /pkstatus or /pks

-Droprate on purple items have been adjusted higher (Minimum should be around 20% now for purples.). Most level 25 OADs should now drop at least a blue level 25 now.

-Armor has been REBALANCED.
--Armor (excluding shield) per point absorption trigger chance increased from 0.24% to 0.25% per point.
--Shield has had it's values doubled and then per point deflection trigger chance decreased from 0.5% to 0.25% per point.
--This is to equalize how armor works and to make it more simple. 0.25% per point is a very easy to understand way so we're going to go with this.
--Max cloth armor increased from 31ac to 46ac.
--Max light armor increased from 43ac to 63ac.
--Max medium armor increased from 59ac to 84ac.
--Heavy armor had no change, at a maximum of 117ac.
--Max shield armor decreased from 60 to 54ac.
--Some spells/etc have been adjusted (will discuss below.)
--Aegis prefix doubled. Hums on shields will stay the same however.

--Drops of Riva/Shades of Nox/Cinders of Pyron: Tier down materials needed reduced from 40 to 30.
--Glyphs/Runes (The affixes that show on the item before hand) have had their costs significatly reduced and are just slightly higher then their random counterparts. For example a Greater Moonstone/Sunstone costs 100 and applies a random affix on an item. Greater Empowerment Rune/Greater Enhancement Rune cost 110 (which used to cost 300) and the affix is visible on the rune itself before applying. Levels have been slightly altered too so that the non-random versions are slightly higher.
--Level 100 Dragon items added in Alchemy, Jewellery, and Armor.
--Dragon items rebalanced. (Will explain below).

-Dragons have been rebalanced/new dragon items added.
--Points per scale decreased from 3100 to 2000.
--Reflective scales now give 100 points instead of 50 points on turn-in.
--Dragon Armors added.
--Dragon Rings added.
-+4 backpacks added and require scales.
--Dragon Point Converter items added. (Potions). They come in two forms: DragonName Absorption Potion and Efficent DragonName Absorption Potion. The better the potion, the less 'loss' when you convert points. Standard convertion potions can be bought or crafted. Efficent can only be crafted.
--Crafting weapons/armor/rings has a reduced costed of -3 scales vs the store counterparts. These new recipes are also found in alderra city.
--Dragon NPC changes:
---Squeeze damage reduced from *3 to *2.25 when a player is held and is being squeezd/foucused.
---Tail whip when you fail the check damage has been reduced from 75% of your HP to 60% of your HP.
---Roar works properly when Paladins are protecting now and doesn't break the script.
---PVP Dragon no longer 'eats' players which makes PVP rather difficult and silly in there. Instead he has been adjusted and has a reflect attack, which has a change to bonuce an attack to someone else. The 'eating' mechanic will be used elsewhere.
--Getting maximum points should be achievable on all dragons with work (will still be looking at this though).
---Other minor tweaks for dragon balance.

-PP system has seen an update:
--Sneaking Amulet has seen an increase of the amount of rooms you can autosneak by 50% (Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 amulets)
--"Of Protection" and "Of Destruction" items have been scrapped. They are all renamed to the Novanite variations.
--Novanite items are at the Hall of Heroes, and have been removed from the dwarvern city.
--Upgrade PP shop introduced (Will explain below).
--Events are now 4PP per person instead of 3PP per person.
--As stated above weekly quests also give 10PP now.
--PP Item system adjusted completely:
--Basic PURPLE PP item costs 125PP.
--You can now upgrade your PP item to radiant. This costs 225PP.
--NEW: PP Upgrade System
---You can now buy a PP Weapon Min/Max Upgrade or PP Armor Upgrade
---You can apply either a min upgrade or max upgrade to a weapon, but NOT both.
---They cost 225PP for the Armor Upgrade, and 175PP for the Weapon Upgrade
---When applied the item will have a little number beside it. I.E. 'Novanite Blocker +1'
---So TLDR; You buy a basic PP item, upgrade it with radiant, upgrade it again with a upgrade kit. We did it this way so that your previous items will still be useful!

-Champion system has seen an update:
--Weekly Quests now have a completion reward of 5CM and 10PP.
--Champion Ring and Contender Ring have been improved and are more worth while again.
--Gloves and Boots now cost 100CM.
--Gloves and Boots can be upgraded using the CM Armor Upgrade and will give +2 AC. Costs 60CM.

-Bug where if you cleared the map cache the 'starter map' around Seamoor stays instead of getting wiped too.
-Client has new some new images and has been updated with most of the server changes above. (/who changes/auction/etc)

Class Adjustments

--Changes to how long protect can be broken for (check Knight/Bard).
--Protect now takes 10MP. (There is no cost per tick however)
--Aegis now gives a debuff weakness to the divinity against as it does for a bonus resist to the divinity with for Paladins. (As an example if you are as Fire character, and you gain 8% night resistance, you will also gain a 8% water weakness.)
--Remedy (Basic): Removes poison, poisonbomb.
--Fixed a minor bug where sometimes a NPC could reverse heal on a regular attack while you when you were 'enduring'.
--Smite: Smite roles reversed with Cleric.
--Heal: Heal has been reduced on Paladins.
---I.E Example with Blue level 25 weapon, 16 int, and no other bonuses, average 118 heals currently. Changes will reduce them to 95 heals.)
---I.E Example with Blue level 25 weapon, 20 int, and no other bonuses, average 140 heals currently. Changes will reduce them to 111 heals.)
---I.E Example with Blue level 25 weapon, 24 int, and no other bonuses, average 162 heals currently. Changes will reduce them to 127 heals.)
---Cure has also been slightly adjusted.

--Paladin /protect breaking song breaks protect for 4 seconds (up from 0.5s)
--Instruments now can have embers applied to them (Ember is offensive like a weapon)

--Can now equip talismans. Uses defensive when using ember (like a shield). Talismans give a small bonus to heal amount and and duration of spells.
--Remedy (Basic): Removes poison, poisonbomb.
--AC adjusted on Cat/Bear. Cat gets a bit less AC than before while bear gains more. (Probably still more on both with the change to armor however too)
--Cat form only gives bonus to ATTACK AGILITY, not total agility. This means the agility bonus is only gained while attacking.

--Can now equip tomes. Uses offensive when using ember (like a weapon). Tomes also give a bonus to debuff spells effectiveness and duration of spells.
--Debuff spells (Sap, Slow, Blind) has a 25% bonus to not being resisted. (Note: This does not effect Sorcerers Sap!)
--Wither has a 50% bonus to not being resisted.
--Zombies steal for 33% of it's attack instead of 40%, but both the owner of the NPC and itself gain the HP, regardless of the zombies current HP.
--Zombies devour recovers 10% of the enemies HP to both the owner of the NPC and itself, regardless of the zombies current HP.

--Can now equip codexes. Uses defensive when using ember (like a shield). Codexes also give a bonus to buff spells effectiveness and duration of spells.
--Stoneskin: Slightly adjusted, and no longer grants a bonus amount to self. (Don't freak we're adding it to shield in order to keep it simple.)
--Shield: Shield (Deflect) AC amount has been boosted. Lost AC on stoneskin has also been added here.
--Old warping system removed in favor for a new one.
---Uses an item called Crystal Actuator that uses Chandorite Crystals as fuel. You can load up to 20 crystals in the teleportation device. Can be bought in guild shops (but the sorc hideout has them cheaper!). This CAN warp a party as well!
---Takes one crystal to 'set' a location.
---Takes one crystal per character to teleport back to the 'set' location. So if you just warp yourself its 1 crystal, if you warp a party of 5, its 5 crystals. NPCs are free. Once you teleport the Crystal Actuator becomes 'unset' again and a new location must be set.
---Has a 30 minute cooldown period to teleport. Each sorcerer is locked to the same 'Crystal Actuator' for a minimum of 48 hours. If you lose your Crystal Acutator (trashing it pretty much) you'll have to wait this 48 hour period to get a new one.
---Can only use the teleporter in unsafe areas. Cannot warp in certain areas, for example: Full PVP areas or instances.
---(In future may be a way to unset a crystal without warping, we will test this first)

--When a knight charges (first attack) they gain 3 focus points instead of 2.
--Kick breaks protect for 8 seconds if it lands successfully instead of 2 seconds.
--Smash has had it's intelligence debuff on a successful hit slightly increased.

--Two new skills, rip and hinder:
---Hinder is int based for the debuff and deals 2.5x backstab damage. On players it increases their potion cooldown time by 2+(LVL*INT*0.005*ANYOTHERMODIFIERS) seconds. On NPCs it increases their exhaust timer by a small amount based on intelligence (not as strong as slow but stackable with slow, cannot be hasted to be removed). THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE ADJUSTED.
---Rip is int based for the debuff and deals 2.5x backstab damage. It lowers agility and when a player is moving between rooms to become binded for a few seconds (Similar to sickness debuff, but not as punishing/doesn't para. 15% chance every movement(will be tweaked as needed)). On NPCs this gives an additional 66% check chance for the NPC not to move if 'following' you.

--New skill: Prayer. Recover your mana points out of combat by praying. Based on intelligence.
--Aegis now gives a bonus weakness to the divinity against as it does for a bonus resist to the divinity with for Clerics. (As an example if you are as Fire character, and you gain 4% night resistance, you will also gain a 4% water weakness. Effect is weaker on clerics vs paladins.)
--After using Aegis, your next aid/heal/cure will have a 75% heal bonus and cost no mana. (There could be combat util with this though it's just meant to be a small bonus, unsure how it will play out too.)
--Remedy (Advanced): Removes poison, poisonbomb, burn, bleed, rip, hinder effects.
--Smite: Paladin/Cleric roles reversed. Clerics now deal more damage with smite. Clerics can also smite not just undead, but demons too.
--Aid now uses 10 MP instead of 15 MP
--Heal now uses 5 MP instead of 7 MP (Cleric only)
--Clerics now have dispel. It is 15% less effective then druids in terms of the chance it has to dispel multiple times however.

--Monk AC at level 25 increased from 10 to 17.
--Monk spell resistance adjusted from 0 to 4%.
--Stance Rebalances (based on how many people use each and then feedback):
---Sun: (-1.5 agility, +1.5 strength, +12 AC) changed to (-1 agility, +1.5 strength, +20 AC)
---Ocean: (-1 strength, +2 wisdom, -12 AC) changed to (-1 strength, +3 wisdom, -8 AC)
---Wind: No change.
---Moon: No change.
---Blight: (-1 strength, -2 intelligence, +deal poison damage) changed to (-1 wisdom, -2 intelligence, +deal poison damage)
---Mountain: (-3 wisdom, +36 AC) changed to (-3 wisdom, +50 AC)
---Spirit: (5% damage on bonus divinity, -5% damage on against divinity) changed to (10% damage on bonus divinity, -3.334% damage on against divinity)
---Mist: (0.7 strength, 0.7 agility, -12 AC, -1 wisdom) changed to (1 strength, 1 agility, -12 AC, -1 wisdom)
--Stances will be re-evaluated in the future.

--Pierceshot functions differently instead of the original 'super damage' method. Originally pierceshot would give the user a small chance to absorb/deflect, but would give you double or triple damage because they would suffer a negative AC effect to passive which was a bit silly. Instead, pierceshot prevents absorb/deflect chances armor completely (passive still is in effect) + adds a small damage bonus based on armor (total armor) (Not sure if this is still too powerful
--Rapidshot still functions the same but the exhaust time duration has been increased from an average of 0.5s to 1s.

Race Changes

-15% Spell Damage Reduction
-15% Less Mana used on any spell/skill
-25% Longer Spell Duration
-25% Potion Cooldown Modifier
-5HP per tick

-Base +150 MP
-50% fizzle reduction
-20% Less Mana used on any spell/skill
-3MP per tick

-10% Less Mana used on any spell/skill
-2MP per tick

-10% Less Mana used on any spell/skill

-5% Less Mana used on any spell/skill

-Enrage: 10 max strength when enraged (instead of 5). Mind you its 1x multiplier but this should make them more fun still.

There is an event in game now where you can earn a random +4 backpack, 125PP, and 50CM. Check it out in Seamoor! (Will post about it more soon!)

Enjoy this update. We will be tweaking it as it goes. Build changes will be displayed in another post soon.

Thanks especially to Kruell and Driab for helping largely on this. Couldn't of done it without you gents.

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