Twilight Dragon Changes

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Twilight Dragon Changes

Postby NiteHawk » Tue Jan 31, 2023 9:52 am

Twilight Dragon needs to be adjusted. I have a neat idea on how it 'should' work but it will require a overhaul so right now I'm just going to make some minor tweaks. About half a year ago the dragons were made to be harder, there was a function that 'explodes' the shadows on death. I got warning a couple days ago that people figured out you can enter and leave and because it tries to balance the amount of spawns there it will disband monsters. When they disband they'd explode too. Anyways:

-All spawned shadow are night divinity/dragon race now.
-If a shadow despawns it will not explode. Only killed shadows will explode.
-When a shadow is killed instead of doing 150 to 375 damage, the shadows death now deals 200 to 300 damage when they explode.

I will look at changing him in the future but for now this should work better. If it doesn't function please let me know. Twilight was always supposed to be the unique one of the bunch, and I will attempt to keep that tradition 8) These changes should start after reset.

I would of enjoyed making it explode on targets who ran off so if they go in they are engaged in it, but I realized that we had to change the monster awhile ago not to spawn clones of players because of potential issues with that so this will have to do. Shame 8)

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