Build Change Log - 12-01-18

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Build Change Log - 12-01-18

Postby Lateralus » Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:38 pm

Major Oad Revamp

Pirate Oad
Captain Butcher (since not many have completed keeping it vague)
-Revamped Hurricane area and minions
-New Skills to make the fight a bit more interesting
-Increased drops

Karnath Mines Oad
Divine elemental
-Damage increased 10%
-Daeva Damage/Life increased 10%
-Now has a purple light armor

Thanatos Oad
Temple rooms are now completely random EACH DAY(mirror,no potion,no magic, no phy) You will need to adjust on the fly or perhaps open before hand and figure it out.
Keys to enter the oad are ONE TIME USE per party
Spectral stone (key to enter oad) now drops twice as much from mort and a very slight chance on void imp.

Seta Oad
Ancient Giant
-Damaged increased 10%
-Now drops purple 2 hander
-No longer drops blue 2 hander

Vazar Crane
-Now drops purple staff and Violent Essence crafting material.

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