Build Change/Fix Log - 6-20-19

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Build Change/Fix Log - 6-20-19

Postby Lateralus » Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:15 am

Test Instances added:

We are doing a test run of some instances that we think will work well. Here is how they will work:
1 entry per account - You can take 1 character from your account to enter the instance
1 try per account - If you die you cannot reenter until reset (so bring a team that can win)

Flame Salamander - Updates to Instance
-No longer need to collect green/blue shards to enter (shards still have a use for quests and dailies)
-Magma minions are all quite a bit harder
-Flame Sally stats are about 10-20% higher so a bit harder fight

Vazar - Updates to Instance
-No changes here just turned into instance

Ethereal Spirit - Updates to Instance
-No longer able to drag monsters in to hit heal you
-Putrid imps are harder inside
-Added another reverse healing npc
-Lost spirits have higher heal damage
-Ethereal Spirit has higher heal damage
-Ethereal Spirit has a new attack
-Lowered drop rates on gloves/hex but added an essence drop

Other Oad Updates
Treasure Fiend stats upped 10-20% making for a harder fight
Elemental Daevas stats upped 10-20% making for a harder fight

Grammar fix on Hobos

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