Race Ideas for balance/uniqueness

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Race Ideas for balance/uniqueness

Postby Hollow » Fri Jul 24, 2020 5:50 am

Few little race changes that I thought would be nice.


-+1.5 Strength rating when attacking larger raced opponents
-Reclassify as small race
-Reclassify to small race
-Reclassify to medium race
-+5% bonus when using HP/MP potions
-Attack speed is now 5.95
-Reclassify to give us details on approximate size of this race as I have no clue what this actually is.
-Gains racial passive: Arcane Mirror - returns a small % of spell damage back at caster
-Regens mana +4 per tick
Reclassify to small
-Reclassify to Large Race
-Gains racial passive: Orc's Last Stand - Upon taking fatal damage, the half-orc will refuse to die until he is exhausted by the next round or tick based.
-Increased gain from mining (Professions, Orishium, very small)
-Reclassify to medium race
Reclass to Medium Race
-Reclassify to large race
-Gains racial Passive: Shed Scales - % based chance upon receiving debuffs to remove them by shedding their scales.
Reclass: Small Race
-Reclass: Medium Race
-% chance to increase strength rating by 1
-12 wisdom
-Every successful attack has a chance to proc "Winged Vengeance," causing the Drake to belch flames in an AoE fashion at the party the target is in.

The point of all these is to kinda optimize the races by giving them a size variance for future OAD ideas/events/etc while also trying to add some flavor to each race by optimizing them for the roles usually favored (Melee/Caster)

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