Boots and Gloves

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Boots and Gloves

Postby Lateralus » Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:51 am

Wanted to split this post from the daily quest post so it would be a bit more visible but here is an all you need to know about gloves and boots for the time being.

When the update hits all classes will have 2 more equipment slots which are boots / gloves. You can wear one of each. There at just boots and gloves no light or heavy they are all the same. Sorc can wear the same boots and gloves that a knight can.

Gloves and boots will be just like reg equip besides the fact you can’t enchant / bless and no humming. You’ll be able to find boots/gloves from reg monsters mini bosses and oads. Likely top purple boots/gloves will be crafting or rare boss drops.

I think it goes 3ac green. 5ac blue and 8ac very top purple. On launch plan to see a few 1-3ac greens scattered on reg monsters (think dracoskins drop rate). A few greens 3ac on bosses and 1 blue 5ac boot and glove on some of the minis and new minis. Won’t be anything above that when update hits so champs will be tops for now. There may also be some boots/gloves in shops for a good amount of gold with aims to make gold more useful so keep an eye out.

Most gloves Better than 2ac will be level 25 only.

Let me know any further questions you might have.

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